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Absolute Black Granite

What is it?

It is one of the darkest varieties of natural stones on the earth. The dark toned black Granite is called Absolute Black Granite. Granite is mostly used for external flooring, wall cladding, counter tops, vanity tops. Black color is one of the most popular colors for providing interior and exterior elegance

The Source of Absolute Black Granite

India, Canada and Brazil are the countries from where you get the best quality of absolute black granite. Warrangle, Khammam and Charmrajnagar are the major source of absolute black granite. The qualities of the granites are best and you get a high production of absolute granite from here. This granite is getting expensive day by day due to high domestic and export market.

Types of Absolute Black Granite

This granite comes in natural black color as well as very dark grey color. Absolute black granite is generally available in different types due to color and texture variations. Now follow variety.

                 Jet Black or Premium Black Granite:

This type of granite is one of the best black granite available in India. It does not contain any type of Black Epoxy. The size of this black granite is very good such as Width 180 cm to 210 cm and Length 280cm to 320 cm. The texture of of this granite contains very small grains which makes the material darker. This granite is generally used for countertops. Premium Absolute Black Granite is very expensive. It directly exported UK, USA, France, Italy and German market.

                     Absolute Black Granite:

This Granite is also available in India and it covers the whole world market. This granite comes in very big sizes to small sizes and the price of Absolute Black Granite usually depends on the size of slabs and thickness. It contains medium to small grains and the color granite is similar to premium black granite but if you watch closely you will see some grayish medium grains.

                             Bengal Black Granite:

This Granite has a dark black tone and it has bigger grains in its texture. These grains are grayish in color and give the granite a beautiful look used in kitchen countertops. The production of this granite is lower than the other black granite. So, it is affordable to maintain the price similar to absolute black granite. It is used as countertops and vanity tops and has a strong demand s all over the world.


How do you know whether the material has been treated or not?

Before buying Absolute Black Granite the following tests are necessary to determine whether the material has been treated or not.

  • Take some acetone, mineral spirits or lacquer thinner on a clean white rag and it on the granite. Wait 1-2 minutes to allow it to be settled on the surface. Rub the rag with pressure in a circular motion. If any black color is visible, then avoid purchasing it. Because the original Absolute Black Granite will not liquefy any part of color into the rag for any reason.


  • You may test it by applying an aggressive alkaline, an aggressive acidic cleaner or even lemon slices on the material to determine if the stone has been adversely treated. Wait 15 minutes. If the surface starts to fade, then it is confirmed that the material is not original.

How to Maintain Absolute Black Granite

It is very easy to uphold the absolute black granite. You can clean it by using water and mild soap. Do not let the spill stay on the stone for a long time. Because it makes the stain left on the surface and discolor it. Like the proverb “a stitch in time saves nine” it will be difficult to mend.



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