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Apple Green Granite

Granite is an ordinary type of pyrogeneous rock. It is shaped in underground by the cooling of volcanic emission. This rock is highly durable and tough. And due to these qualities granite has accepted as building material all over the world.


Facts about Apple Green Granite

Granites have large variations of colors. Apple Green Granite is one of the popular shades among the green granite. It is quarried from South India. This beautiful granite is widely used as wall coverings and flooring. In addition, this granite is perfect choice for worktops, kitchen countertops, elevator panels, steps and much more. Apple Green Granite blocks are used for making large decorative monuments and nonstructural building accents.

Descriptions of Apple Green Granite

The light olive green shade of this granite is extremely soothing and has uniform textures. This granite is known for its striking looks, and develops the modesty of tabletops and floors.

apple 2


Why the Apple Green Granite acceptable?

This Granite is appreciated for its good characteristics, such as smooth finishing, prominent looks, and durability. This granite has a great demand due to its different green shades and surface consistency, which occurs apparently during the shaping of the granite.

These granites are appropriate equally for interior and exterior purpose due to their exclusive shade and firm texture. Therefore, it offers attractive look and resilient finish to the construction industry. Interior designers and Architects like to use the Apple Green Granite because they like the extraordinary appearances of the construction.

Features of Apple Green Granite

There are multiple features of Apple Green Granite. However, the main features of the Apple Green Granite are:

  • Smooth finishing
  • Non-porous surface
  • Non-slippery
  • Stain removing s

                    Cleaning of Apple Green Granite

Granite is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain. Your granite surface will stay new-looking for years, if you take proper care. You may follow the instructions here to facilitate the work of washing:

cleaning of Apple Green Granite 2  Cleaning of Apple Green Granite


  • Clean out the spills soon after it falls on the granite. Use a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid or stone soap (which is available in hardware stores or from a stone dealer) and warm water.
  • Always use a clean, soft rag to clean your granite surface. After washing with the soap solution, rinse the rag and dry your Apple Green Granite façade by using another clean, soft towel.
  • Remove any kind of stain as soon as possible on your granite surface. Before that never forget to understand the type of the stain. Then apply the stain removing method.
  • Use the flour paste for removing any kind of normal stains. To make a thick flour paste, take a bowl and take one cup of flour in it. Then add one or two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid soap with it. Now set it on the stain, wrap it with a plastic cover, and allow it sit through overnight.
  • Rub away the flour paste with a wooden appliance and wash out. If you want to remove oil-based stains, like milk, oil, grease etc. then mix hydrogen peroxide or ammonia into the flour paste instead of the dishwashing liquid.

The installation of Apple Green Granite in your home will bring a soothing and authentic look. Therefore, taking proper care of your granite creations will enhance the durability of the granite.

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