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Baltic Brown Granite

Granite is a type of felsic, intrusive, igneous rock. Generally, the granites are standard to coarse in texture. Granite can be in different colors, like black, white, gray, brown, pink green etc. following the mineralogy and chemistry. Baltic Brown Granite is one of the popular granites preferred by many house owners.

The well known Baltic Brown Granite has a great demand all over the world due to its uniform durability of color. This granite is quarried from Finland. The base color of this granite is brown and there are large, individual, encircling potassium hydroxide feldspar crystals fifteen to thirty mile meter in width, which is bordered by a greenish plagioclase circle. There are some variations in form of the blocks depending on various quarry sites.

Baltic Brown Granite

The Baltic Brown Granite is used for finishing the kitchen cabinet. It is also used for the kitchen counter tops. This dark colored granite create an enhance look in the kitchen. But, it is necessary to take proper care of this granite to keep on its shine for a long period. So, clean it regularly with mild stone cleaner or mild dish washing soap.

How to clean the film from the Baltic Brown granite counter tops

In fact, Brown Granite Baltic is softer than most granite. Therefore, it can only be polished to a dull shine, rather than a high glossy polishing. That’s why, oil, dirt, soap and other substances can make a film on the surface of Baltic Brown Granite on a normal basis.

The traditional way of cleaning granite with soap and water might damage your counter tops. So, pick the proper stone cleaner to clean granite and remove the film. The using of soap and water is normally a traditional way to clean away the granite. So, stone cleaners are required to remove the film.

Spray down the granite cleaner straightly over the Baltic Brown Granite surface. Then, use the chamois leather to polish the granite in a rounded motion. The grain of the chamois will help regain the Baltic Brown’s natural shine while take out the oil or soap film.

Baltic Granite Countertop

Then, pour down water on the counter top and wash off with clean chamois leather. Repeat the above method.

Seal the Baltic Brown Granite surface with a shine developing sealer. It will help to defend the Baltic Brown granite surface from any kind of stains in future.

Paint the sealer with a spray paint brush. Allow to sit it down on the Baltic Brown Granite surface for ten minutes. Then wash away the surplus paint with a clean soft cloth.

Regular cleaning methods of granite counter tops

There are so many ways for cleaning the granite countertops and keep them appearing glossy and shining. Always avoid using the cleaners which are too abrasive. Because, they can make scratches on the granite surface and may dull the finish. Here are some easy methods to clean the surface of your Baltic Brown Granite and bring back their shine.

  • Take a little warm water into a pot.
  • Then add a few drops of dish washing soap into it.
  • Wet a sponge or soft rag with the foamy water and wash away the granite surface carefully.
  • Mop down your Baltic Brown Granite surface with a microfiber cloth for dried out.

Granite counter tops have a lot of benefits and they are the striking addition to any home. They need to be properly cared for and cleaned to maintain its shine and durability.




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