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Bengal Black Granite

In order to provide the different needs of people in regard to construction, Bengal Black Granite is unique of its kind. For the number of purposes this species of granites are greatest that is suited for various purposes roofing, flooring, wall-cladding, and allied. Besides, the range it offers is greatly recognized in the market for its eye-catching patterns, glossy finish, rich texture, and durability.

bengal granite 1

Bengal Black Granite is preferred by most of the contractor for construction because of its base of Black color as well as attractive good look of light white grains. The appearance of the granite makes it superb choice for architectural engineers for the long enduring quality of the material.

bengal graniteblack grtanite 3

The granite is found in different finishes:

  • Flamed
  • Brushed and Flamed
  • Honed and Flamed
  • Honed
  • Bush hammer type
  • Polished surfaced tiles and slabs


bengal granite 1

Different applications of the Bengal Black Granite:

In Bathrooms

Next to white, black is the most usual color scheme of bathroom. With black granite base, the white color scheme looks very attractive. Using of white fixtures might be the option for great contrast. Black and white floor tiles with white wall paper are a great contrast.

In case the walls are already tiled, Bengal Black Granite mosaic borders can be used as a tie to create a typically nice design for the bathroom.

In Kitchen

Kitchen needs suitable ambience as it is the best place to relish the pleasure of togetherness with all the tastes. Here combines the warmth of wood with well-built stony materials, like black granites. Kitchen requires right arrangement of storing space, cooking areas, seating areas and also some free passages. The black granite is sure to bring the desirable atmosphere in the kitchen.

In Hotels

The hotels need the best decoration. It is the place where people come to stay not only for business purposes, but also for spending a few days with their most beloveds or fiancés. The dull and dreary atmosphere of the areas of the hotel will certainly create a repulsive sensation in the visitors’ mind. To create an elegance look of hotel the Granite of this species has been proved to be excellent.

In Shopping Complexes

The construction of shopping complexes granites is used for not only for beautifying the shopping areas but also turn the structures. The granites are used to serve various purposes besides serving the purposes of construction. Compared with other stones, the Bengal Black Granites are very simple to clean. Additionally, these are stylish and up-to-date.

For the elegant and rich look of the complexes black granite has no option. It’s perfect and is gaining recognition now a day for its advantages.

In Fireplaces

There is a wide range of Granite Fireplaces. Black Granite being a very sleek and lustrous stone is well-known for its graceful appearance. The fireplaces with granite look extremely fantastic in any surroundings. Whether it is a traditional fireplace or modern look black granite, particularly the Bengal Black Granite is good match for all of them.



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