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Best tips of repairing for granite countertops

Granite countertops play an important role in developing the beauty of your home. However, gradually, it begins to establish its efficiency of protecting the damage against heat, water, and other spilling. Therefore, taking care of the countertops is very much essential to restore it before it is too late to allow complete damage.
But, when the scratches become visible slightly on the countertops without making considerable damage, it must be repaired as soon as possible. The process of repairing takes about an hour. However, remember, you cannot use the repaired portion for24 hours.
Methods of repairing granite countertops
Here are some tips for repairing the granite countertops. You may follow the instructions.
Make ready the countertops
• At first, dry out the portion of your granite countertop where you want to make the repair. You may use a hair dryer but keep moving it over the surface to avoid cracks in the granite.
• Take away dirt and dust from the repairing area using methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). The liquid have to evaporate entirely before you start the repairing process.
• Make a small barrier with adhesive tape to enclose the patching material when you are working on a countertop border. Whether the countertop has rounded edge, make the dam to conform to the shape of the edge. And leave open sufficient space at the top of your granite countertop to pour the patch.
Use resin for patchwork
Quantify and pour a little amount of resin into five paper cups. You may use the liquid medicine dispensers, which will work well for measuring out the resin. But you should be careful about the measurement of resin you have put in each cup. Because, you have to know the exact amount of hardener or catalyst which will be necessary in later. The resin will never get hardened if the measurement is not proportionate.
• Take a container or resin and mix two or three color pigments till it matches to the granite color. If you patch a larger portion of multicolored granite, then make two or more color examples. You may require less than 5 containers of resin to get the accurate color which matches to your granite. If so, throw away the extra resin containers.
• Now mix up the correct amount of catalyst into all container of the pigmented resin. Do the work in remembering the measurement carefully. Then mix the catalyst and the resin thoroughly. The resin will not harden if it does not mix adequately.
Repair the damage
• Fill the damage with the pigment-catalyst-resin measure. If you are using two colors of patching resin, then do not mix them; apply them side by side. Place slight additional resin after the first application has dried out because resins get smaller when it dries up.
• Apply a packing strip on the patch. Then smooth using of your fingers to make the patched portion level with the countertop.
• Make sure the manufacturer’s guidelines to note how much time the resin takes to be cured.
You may apply the process if your granite countertops become etched or discolored. Following the work of repairing, polishing is necessary for long-term maintenance.


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