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Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy granite is one of the most popular granites in the world. From fine to medium-grained, with golden-yellow sparkling broncite scales Black Galaxy granite has been popular across the world and so exported to different continents.

Internationally, this stone may be designated as granite. But for the US and Chinese markets this is known by the name “gabbros.”


The quarrying region of Black Galaxy Granite

The quarrying area of Black Galaxy Granite is Andhra Pradesh, Ongole, Chimakurthi, South India (approx. 350 km north of Chennai). About 50 Black Galaxy Granite quarries are found in this area. But all the quarries are not in operation round the year.

The actual Black Galaxy granite quarrying area is estimated to be about 1,000 acres and approximately 70% of it quarried rough block exported from Chennai port, and sent to China for processing.

It is important to note that the larger the block the more expensive the cost therefore processors normally avoid to purchase larger blocks. They buy medium sizes or so to make floor and wall tiles.

The types of Black Galaxy Granite

There are different kinds of Black Galaxy Granite. The gold specks are due to the presence of ferrous rich Enstatine (Bronzite) and can be broadly divided into three types based on the size of the gold colored specks as:

  • Large grained Black Galaxy.
  • Medium grained Star Galaxy
  • Small grained Star Galaxy

Black Galaxy granites vary on its background colors also. Such as:

  • Dark Black
  • Dark with a Greenish/Black tinge
  • Dark with a Whitish/ Black background

Usage of Black Galaxy Granite

Though Black Galaxy Granite is used for various purposes, like kitchen countertop projects or bathroom, most of the submerging quality is processed into calibrated tiles, construction projects or paving. Obviously, the polished surface of this granite brings out a glossy look which gives a great contrast to all types of accessories, such as taps, sinks or cabinet door handles. It is also suitable for honed, river-washed, flamed and brushed finishes.

For the excellent qualities like Hard wearing, Durability, High Moisture resistant capacity and above all low maintenance cost has made the granite most popular.

Easy Cleaning Tips

However astonishing the design and colors of the granites might be, without proper maintenance or cleaning they will be turned into dull and dreary to look. Hopefully, you do not have to spend huge money for buying expensive cleaning agents to help your countertops new and original look. Without even spending money, and simply by applying home-made solution, you can keep the granites nice to look.  Read on to know the cleaning tips:-

  • Prepare a solution adding washing detergent and water. Clean the granite-made countertops at least three times in a week with it.
  • Use a soft sponge to remove the dirt and stain completely from the countertops.
  • After removing the stain it is advisable to wash the area using warm water.
  • Use a dry towel to swab the countertop and keep it dry.
  • Always make sure to wipe off the excessive moisture.
  • After cleaning the granite-made countertops with the aforementioned steps, if you find the moisture, then it is advisable to use diluted vinegar instead of undiluted vinegar.

granite cleaning

Your granite made wears will remain as shiny as bought from the market. If you do this regularly, then the countertops will keep shining and glowing continuously and will look new for a long time. Wear gloves to avoid damage to your palm.



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