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Galaxy Granite

The Galaxy Granite is a universal fiery stone which is obtained from nature. Mainly, it is employed in the construction purpose but it has been used for various other purposes in the past and also in the present. Usually, the pieces of granites are huge and so, the large pieces of granites are broken up into small pieces for turn them in working condition.

As it is similar to most of the normal rock, granite has the power of radiation, although it occurs to have a large amount of uranium as compared to other stones like limestone. Though, it does not make any a sever health impact on human being.

Granite is found all over the world. India and Brazil are the countries from where the Galaxy Granite is quarried for. The color of the granite depends on the composition and particular mineralogy of the granite.

Galaxy Granite

 Uses of Galaxy Granite   

The Galaxy Granite is a tough stone-based thing. It has different kinds of applications in the interior or exterior decoration of homes and in various commercial aspects.

In homes, the Galaxy Granite is used in making of kitchen countertops, flooring, wall cladding etc.

Galaxy Granite Countertop

Galaxy Granite Flooring

 How do you clean Galaxy Granite?

Galaxy Granite is one of the most popular granites. Its glossy look is the main cause of its popularity. But, if you want to keep it looking grand, it is necessary to clean your granite regularly. Luckily, it is quite simple to clean your Galaxy Granite , and so, it is not too tough to keep your granite in top-notch shape. You may pursue the following tips:

ü At first, sweep away all the spillages from your countertop or floor. Use broom to sweep away your floor and use soft dry cloth to lift up the small spills from the countertops.

ü  If you want to eliminate the sticky spillages on the granite, apply the common household cleaners.

ü Pour out citrus juice on the obstinate sticky stains that loosens the sticky stains to take it out easily. But, be careful in using it. Leaving the juice for long time can turn the color of the Galaxy Granite pale.

ü Now take a razor blade to take away the stains carefully. Don’t worry; the razor blade would not damage this granite. Because the galaxy granite is scratch free.

ü Sealant is essential for your granite. It helps to keep your granite well for a long period. So, seal your granite at least once in a year.

How do you take care of your granite?

  • Wash thoroughly your countertop after using. You may use clean water and soft cloth for washing. If there are some spills on the countertop, then use s water solution of mild soap. After washing the countertop, dry it with a clean, soft towel.
  • If you see that your Galaxy Granite countertop has started to lose its polish, then use stone polish after cleaning the countertop. Take a soft cloth and drop down the stone polish on it. Then mop up the total countertop with it. Then rub the countertop using another cloth.
  •  Use trivet to place hot pans or, the use of coaster under the glasses or metal or ceramic pots may help saving your countertops. All this will help you to keep your granite countertops scratch free.
  •  Be careful about the acidic products. It may create a permanent mark on your granite countertops.

If you do as you are told, the shine of your Galaxy Granite countertops will remain same for a long period.




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