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Granite: A rock for all Times

Granite is the most important part of the outer layer of the earth.  It’s around the world that you’ll find granite and almost all the builders in most part of the world use it as vital architectural modules.

Look back and see the architectures of repute. Turn the pages of history and you’ll observe the use of granite in the construction of The Red Pyramid of Egypt. Its superior equal, the Great Pyramid of Giza, even if covered with limestone, comprises a vast granite stone coffin. What’s more, the Hindu temples of earlier period were also built of granite.

The great Pyramid of Egypt   The great Pyramid of Giza  Granite Hindu Temples.  Granite Hindu Temples








The Use of Granite Rocks in modern times

At present if you pay a visit to any of the graveyard in North America, you’ll see how the granite stones are preferred to be used as granite gravestone.

Earlier to the eighteenth century, granite was carved with extreme trouble for its hardness.   The advent of sophisticated cutting tools in modern times has changed all that into easy going process. Granite had all the frenzies. Its application as a commemorative plaque stone is rising, because of its higher resistant power to the adverse elements of nature. It is even sturdier than marble.

However, granite’s is not restricted to commemorating the dead only. Its utilization as a material for construction is also found in almost everywhere in the modern world.

The Modern use of Granites  Modern use of Granite 2  Modern use of Granite

Granite at Home

The use of Granite inside the home is getting more and more popular, either as flooring or as a countertop, or both in tiles or slabs forms.  Granites slabs are awesomely stirring in size and look that, in fact, suggests quality. They also come in various colors, styles and patterns.

The tiles harmonize both traditional and modern decoration. Tiles are now easy to shape and install for the technological advancement in. The toughness of the granite allows them to be used in high traffic zones. Additionally, the low maintenance cost has led many people to use it for their homes.

As a countertop also the granites are considered to be the chief asset of the developers of building for some obvious reasons:

  1. Granite stone is very strong.
  2. It won’t scratch or stain.
  3. It’s resistant to burn.
  4. It’s challenging to bacteria.
  5. It’s easy to replace.
  6. It stands up heat and moisture.
  7. t withstands oxidization from personal stone care product.

The Care and Maintenance of Granite

If you have already installed granites in your home, it definitely needs right maintenance. So, you should be aware of the cleaning prerequisites. Remember, with beautiful environment created in your home, a granite countertop and floor need proper care and maintenance.

The upholding of the granites not only beautifies your environment, but also adds resale value to your costly asset. So, you must be very careful to pick the cleaners. Buy only the abrasive free cleaners to keep your stone safe from scratches.

The practical steps always should be maintained before the stones get collected abrasives in high traffic areas.

Countertop Maintenance

Things get spilled in the kitchen countertops, so these should be sealed properly and cleaned quickly if something happens accidentally.

Let’s go for the popular proverb: “A stitch in time saves nine.” Or, in the words of RobertM. Pirsig ” Sometimes it is little better to travel than to arrive.”



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