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Granite and Marble

Granite and Marble: The Two Essential Things for Modern Building Industry

The granite and marble are now exceedingly used in building industry. In spite of that, there are lot confusions about them. Before you know the marble and granite manufacturers, you should have some clear ideas about them.

Both granite and marble are:

  • Cut from blocks of stones
  • Hard
  • Slabs
  • Attractive
  • Workable

But, they are different in qualities and in act of using. Here are some important  points of differences:

*  Granite which is a hard solid matter, used to erect construction. Since the time when the reinforced concrete was not invented, most of the structures were built with solid blocks of granite that made them not only hardy and but also long-lasting.

Marble, on the contrary, possesses aesthetic qualities and so used to enhance the beauties of any structure.

*  Granite gets high compaction power, and so is ideal for substance for pavement, driveways etc. Marble is more fragile and get cracked easily on a flat exterior surface, if not tested properly.

*  Granite can endure the inclemency better than the marble. So, it is best for using as external shield on any perpendicular surface. Marble, on the contrary, is susceptible to air pollutions and arrest dirt very quickly.

*  The hardness of granite permits it to be used and completed in diverse qualities and textures. There is high polish, honed finish, flamed finish, hammered finish, ribbed finish for the granites attained with the help of grooving machine. Marble can also be polished for shining but the radiance can by no means be attained as granite. It can be perfected to highlight the patterns, or can be washed with acid to naturally wearing away the minerals and the texture can be created alongside the veining

*  The veining of marble is easy as compared to granite’s. So it appears more natural and organic.  The presence of quartz and the other mineral deposits in granite create it less natural. This is the reason that the synthetic granite can be manufactured more easily than the synthetic marble with different color and variations.


Hand tools can shape Granite

Granite is a hard stone that are used for the purpose of carving or project modeling. But, your hands with the help of tools can shape any granite.  You need to collect the tools that are needed for shaping and designing granite to achieve different effects at various stages of shaping.

Pick the Best Manufacturer

If you are thinking of any construction, you might have got interested, in the mean time, to buy Granite and Marble. You must know the renowned marble and granite manufacturers whom you can trust. Never be misled by the wrong promises, keep your eyes open to reach the right place.

Let’s remember Thomas Carlyle

“The slab of granite,” as said by Thomas Carlyle, “might prove to be an obstacle in the pathway of weak, but for the strong it is the stepping stone for better days.” So, build your structure with the power of granite.


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