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Granite Colors

The Different Colors of Granite refer to different implications

Granite is a mixture of quartzes, and feldspar, mica like minerals. The components have made granite strong and heavy.  The ratios of mixtures and the mineral arrangements are the ground of making granite exposed in different patterns. Two different parts of granite out of similar layer can be made in different mold and colors. The color of the granites is ascertained mostly by the arrangement of the minerals responsible for the separate item-by-item layers. Buy granite slab after you see the list of colors. Here is the list of multiple Granite colors and their implications

 Versatile Pink Granite

The pink varieties come in with the materials of limestone and sandstone. The power of resistance and the strength of absorbing moisture around have made the pink color versatile. The component mineral Feldspar causes the Pink coloration of Granite. The absence of dark minerals makes the pink lighter. The lack of quartz amount in granite that stays white or lucent even when entrapped in feldspar medium. Slabs of pinkish granite with high luminosity make them most popular choice for extraordinary counter tops.

 Relatively Rare White Granite

The white granite is comparatively uncommon. It has rising demand. The maximum number of white granite is extracted in Vermont.  This type of granite is produced by the combination of   quartz crystals and feldspar. These quartz crystals must be fairly pure without reddish tints or darker grays. This combination facilitates to generate lighter granite color.

Busy Pattern Gray Granite

Gray Colored granite slabs contains a high concentration of the Mica or Hornblende. Minerals that generate red tinge of color in granite may also be present, but if the amount of dark minerals is made to increase, then the color in general turns from light to dark gray. The layer with a very small amount of hornblende turns the color light.

 Pure Black Granite

Pure black granite though very rare, but is available. The stippled models are more common attributing gray and black or pink blending is common. Black granites are not true granite as they don’t reflect other colors because of the fact that they hold unusual components.  Though, the structure of quartz crystal remains similar in case of black granite, yet there is no drop in the durability and strength in structure. The darkest granites are found to contain a number of black minerals like basalt, gabbro diabase but are not there in further form of granites.

Glowing Rose Color

 The room must be glowing. The granite of Rose-colored offers a soft glow to the rooms. It is also accepted for using as tombstones. The support color of the stone normally starts from purple to a pink. The granite of rose color is chiefly supplied from Brazilian and China and Brazil. The scarcity of granite has made it remarkably accepted and luxurious.

The rose granite coloring with gray stippling turns the color highly noticeable. Rose granite is not red granites, which is darker and brighter than the much softer roses. The shades of granite range from red to malleable rose, exposes the amount of hematite in the stone during formation.


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