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Granite Countertop Restoration Guide

Granite countertop adds elegance to your kitchen. The high durability and stoutness of Granite     don’t need a great deal of upholding, if installed properly and maintained regularly. However, in the course of time, the acidic stuffs can scrape the facade of the counter. Or, the grease and soap deposits on the surface of the slabs might cause the granite look fade and dreary. Sometimes, the problem is so easy that the stains can be removed by applying the true product by yourself. But, with more severe cases, you may require to call an expert for help.

Consult Granite Expert

The granite experts only can feel the granite composition of your countertop. They can only suggest the maintenance of granite based on the density of porous. How I can get real granite slabs -the question may bother you persistently. But, don’t be misguided. Be wise enough to choose the right granite expert.

Beware, some companies use black color enhancers to transform the less dark or gray granite to replicate the appearance of real black, because the black countertops are more popular than the others. It is significant to decide what you possess prior to getting started.

What you can do for Granite Restoration

Make the Countertop Clean: Clean your granite countertop with soft detergent or neutral cleansing product exclusively made for this purpose. The product eliminates the soap deposits, that are very frequent cause of dulling the granite countertops. The particular cleaners prevent the acidic etching that spoils the surface of granite. Granite polish powder might also help you to clean the surface.

Use Resealer: Your countertop may start to look dull if sealer coat of the granite becomes etched. If the exterior of the stone underneath is not in a good state, you generally can reinstate the countertop by resealing the granite. Be sure of using a recommended sealer product by your reliable manufacturer or installer of granite.

Treat the Granite with Acetone: If your countertop near a sink or stove has started to turn pale and dull, it is the oil or the grease, or other thicker deposits might be the cause behind it. Rinsing with water or with any ordinary domestic detergent is not adequate to get rid of the layer. In its place, apply acetone with a soft cloth to the soiled areas. As a good solvent acetone works effectively in softening and suspending the grease and thickly stains of the countertop.  Finally, wash with humid water to revive


If your granite countertop is faded badly, it must be refinished completely.  It requires special hardy equipments like stone polisher, grinder to eliminate etched facade because of it’s the extra hardness. So, it is wise for you to engage a proficient person to manage the work of granite stone restoration.

Contract for reviving Services

It is very important to know beforehand if your installer offers the services of re polishing and restoration of the stones. It is better making a contract with the installer in this regard.

Granite Tips to remember

v  Clean your granite counter top at least twice in a year.

v  Wipe out dribbles or spills as fast as possible.

v  Never left oil container sits on the granite counter.

v  Scrub the Granite Counter with 100% steel wool.

v  Apply wax product for the shine.

v  Rub the dull spot with rough side of the tanned leather.

                           Words of Caution

Above all remember the words said by Denis Waitley “You must continue to gain expertise, but avoid thinking like an expert.” 


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