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Granite Fabrication Process

The granite counter that you install in bathroom or kitchen or anywhere in your house passes through different process to be transformed in natural appearance. You’ll be surprised to know the sequences of happenings that are done during the process of fabrications to get most of the granite. The process is known as granite fabrication process. The person who performs the action is stone fabricator.

Granite stone fabrication process and polishing granite stone installation

The Steps of Processing

First, a stone fabricator normally helps you to decide which granite stone will be appropriate for your home step up project. In order to ascertain the quantity of stone for the installation of the real design, measuring of the dimensions of the setting is necessary.

Secondly, the category of stone, shading, veins, and color can be measured from among the existing stone supplies of the different companies.

Thirdly, mass and overall integrity of the structure is another very important step in stone selection. The stone quarries vary widely, but the part of the quarry influences the strength of the quarries.

Unfortunately, it is not cost efficient to check every stone slab. But, the trustworthy stone companies should have right information about the structure of the stone from according to the quarry. The granite fabricators process is the greatest controllers who are responsible for ensuring you what you get.

granite fabrication process

The Machinery Used in fabrications

The succession of events that brings the stone from the natural quarry to home has not altered much. Large blocks of stone, cut from the quarry, hacked into blocks of thin pieces that are called slabs. These pieces of slabs are then formed into different desirable sizes. And after that they are polished and dispatch for installation.

Types of Machinery

Over the years, it is the types of machinery that have been changed dramatically.   What has changed radically over the years is the type of machinery used in this age-old sequence. Three basic types of machines are involved in the fabrication process are saw, routers and polisher.

Saw: It performs multiple functions throughout the Granite fabrication process.  A gang saw or a block saw cuts the huge blocks of stone into desired slabs. To-day diamond wire saws perform the cutting of short blocks.

Polishers: It grinds down the naturally coarse surface to give the stone a finished look according to the consumers’ demand. The granites can be given a mirror finished.

Routers: They create edge profiles on a slab and cut the designs as big pieces. There are multiple of normal edges for the tables and countertops. They can be plain or extremely ornamental. Routers with diamond covered spinning blade shape the slabs during granite fabrication process.

The status of the machine in the past

Previously, the machines were controlled either by hand, or by mechanical function. The time required to produce a complete counter tops was important. The finish of complex edged polish counter top may take nearly three weeks or more.

Introduction of CNC technology

With the beginning of Computer numeric Control technology Granite fabrications Process has been changed dramatically. The numeric technology of the process manages the course of action of the fabrication machines.



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