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Granite Exporters Blog

U.S.A. Prefer White Granite

Aesthetically Pleasant White Granite for multiple uses

 The aesthetically pleasant White Granite is a trendy choice for the countertops of your kitchen, offers a long-lasting material. In business houses and remarkable monuments, white granite creates attractive dazzling flooring.

The types of White Granite

 Bethel white granite with bluish-white hues originated from Bethel in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It is used in decorating interiors in the modern and traditional times. Kashmir white ...

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Red Granite Facts

Learn some facts about Red Granites

Green, tan or gold-colored granites are almost common. But, the red colored granites are very rare. The rarity of this color of granite has made it pricy. A few affluent people with choice can afford to buy this species of granite.

The Countries of Origin 

The red granite is available in large quantity in Brazil. The next important country that produces largest amount of red granite is India. ...

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How to buy Best Granite Slabs

How to buy suitable Granite for your Use

Hard and durable in nature, Granite belongs to natural category of stone. It is beautiful, and has versatile uses. It can be used as a surface for the counter in rooms. For the use in kitchen and bathroom, the granite is unique.

 There are a lot of companies that advertise and manufacture granite.  There are factually different types of shapes, colors, and variations are available. Are you ...

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Granite Slabs Worktop

Never Compromise with the Poor Quality Granite Worktop for using in your kitchen: but how?

All Granites are not same. The price is determined by the quality of the granite. If you’re not serious and choosy about buying of granites and buy cheap quality of them for serving the kitchen surface, you may face grave problem.

Poor quality granite may:

  •   easily scratched
  •   heavily pitted
  •   twisted over time
  •   break in installation
  •   break after installation

The price you ready to ...

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Granite Colors

The Different Colors of Granite refer to different implications

Granite is a mixture of quartzes, and feldspar, mica like minerals. The components have made granite strong and heavy.  The ratios of mixtures and the mineral arrangements are the ground of making granite exposed in different patterns. Two different parts of granite out of similar layer can be made in different mold and colors. The color of the granites is ascertained mostly by the arrangement of the minerals ...

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Difference Between Prefabricated Granite & Granite


Know the variation between Prefabricated Granite & Granite

 These days men value the aesthetic beauty of their homes and business premises most. Granite is one of the beauty enhancers that offer maximum adornment of the premises.

How we get Granite?

Granite is a natural stone and is got by excavation. It is cut with saws and drills into movable ...

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Granite Floor Tile

Maintenance of Granite Tile Floor

Be acquaint with Granite

Granite is made out of molten lave which is thicker than the marble stones.  As a metamorphic rock granites are extremely concentrated with silica.  It is the amalgamation of oxygen and silica that makes the mineral quartz which brings the added miscellany to the granite.  On the other hand, granite tiles are scratched very easily.

Maintenance of Granite Floor Tiles

Fitting Granite tiles might ...

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Indian Granite Exports to USA

Export Of Indian Granite to USA

For some years, in the International stone industry India has occupied an advantageous position. It has proved as one of the top suppliers to the wide market of USA. The stone manufacturers of India have successfully worked to boost the charisma of Indian stone salability in the U.S. market. In the US, the broad range of application of stone for the purpose of different projects, mainly commercial and residential, ...

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Granite Slabs Cost

How to Estimate Granite Slab Costs

The surface of the Granite Slab is elegant and very simple to preserve. The price range of granite counter top slabs starts at $50 and ends at $120 per square foot. The other factors like edge and backsplash selections might push up the prices of it.

Some of the wholesale manufacturers do sell granite slabs at less than normal prices as low as $30 per ...

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Granite Countertops

Granite Countertop Restoration Guide

Granite countertop adds elegance to your kitchen. The high durability and stoutness of Granite     don’t need a great deal of upholding, if installed properly and maintained regularly. However, in the course of time, the acidic stuffs can scrape the facade of the counter. Or, the grease and soap deposits on the surface of the slabs might cause the granite look fade and dreary. Sometimes, the problem is so easy that ...

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Granite Slabs

Slab Granite:  Pamper yourself with Affordable luxury

What is Slab Granite?

Slab granite is available in various sizes.  It is cut from the sliced pieces out of huge blocks of stone. The most common form of granite is the Slab Granite that is commonly available with stone distributors. It can be had either in piece or in lot.

So it necessities buying of extra quantity than the actual. For instance, a 70 SF kitchen might need buying of 2 slab ...

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Granite and Marble

Granite and Marble: The Two Essential Things for Modern Building Industry

The granite and marble are now exceedingly used in building industry. In spite of that, there are lot confusions about them. Before you know the marble and granite manufacturers, you should have some clear ideas about them.

Both granite and marble are:

  • Cut from blocks of stones
  • Hard
  • Slabs
  • Attractive
  • Workable

But, they are different in qualities and in act of using. Here are ...

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