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Granite Slabs Cost

How to Estimate Granite Slab Costs

The surface of the Granite Slab is elegant and very simple to preserve. The price range of granite counter top slabs starts at $50 and ends at $120 per square foot. The other factors like edge and backsplash selections might push up the prices of it.

Some of the wholesale manufacturers do sell granite slabs at less than normal prices as low as $30 per square foot excluding the installation charges. Granite tile is less costly, starts from $20 to $50 a square foot. Before estimating granite you should evaluate the market price to judge the differences of prices of a number of granite manufacturers and weigh against the prices of all the other available choices.

Instructions for Slab Application            

 First: Measures the area to be covered with the granite slab both in width and length for perfect square footage. The prices of the slabs are most commonly determined as per square foot.


Second: Settle on the edging for the slab and then the location of joints along with the number of slabs. The price of the granite slabs is affected by these factors.


Third: Call and consult with a number of granite manufacturers and give them the measurements for the granite slab with all the information regarding any of the particular choices you wish for the edge finishes and the splash board.

Fourth: During discussion be sure to ask the manufacturer about the price of slab granite per square foot and also the charge of the installation. You can also search online for the granite estimates soon you are provided with the measurements.

Fifth: Calculate the measurement of the space that will have to be covered with granite. Then multiply the total length of the area by the width of the area. Now you’ll get total number of square feet that required to be covered.

Sixth: At this stage you need a sense of aesthetic. Choose out of multiple tile options. You can pick a pair of different tiles during the time of cost comparing. Most of the tiles are filled in a package and can cover some amount of square foot.

Seventh: Count the tiles in each box and then divide the total square foot area that needs to be tiled by the number tiles each box contained. This estimates how many boxes of tiles you need for your present project. Here, you need to count 5% extra to the total count for the waste or for the breakage.

Eighth: Call several Home Improvement Centers and calculate the cost by the Number of Boxes x the Cost per Unit. The result implies the total cost of the tile. The estimated cost doesn’t include the cost of grout, mortar, or materials for sealing.

The Installation of Granite Cost Include

  • The delivery costs for materials and equipment the site of installation
  • Granite Installation worksite preparation cost
  • The costs of protecting the structure existing at present
  • Costs for cleanup of debris and their removal at the completion of the project.

Minimum charges (hourly) that are normally incorporated in the small installation jobs.


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