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The secret behind Kanha Granites‘ ability of furnishing a full line of practical, stylish and continuing granite slabs in more than 100 striking shades and examples is basic: a sharp eye and the will to head off to the remotest corners of the earth to select granite that claim forcing delightfulness and everlasting worth. Mr. S.N. Saxena, Executive Director, Kanha Granites, is a matchless master at selecting crude material of undeniable quality and supervises effective methods that meet the most perplexing plan and creation challenges with creative results. Qualified inspection team members guarantee that just material confirmed by them enters the granite processing plant.

Kanha Granites granite slab factories meticulously take care of block unloading, polishing, cleaning and stacking of polished granite slabs.

These cut granite slabs are then cleaned thoroughly with water and sent to the 21-head, automatic line polisher which polishes the granite slab and gives it a gloss of +90 in most cases. This polished wonderful stone from India is then sent for the next step of stringent inspection where we check for consistency in the thickness of the granite slabs, the polishing, the gloss (we check individually each granite slab with a Gloss Meter) and scrutinized for any hairline cracks or swirl marks.

One of our last steps in granite manufacturing is to measure the right angle from all sides and an allowance of 2cm is given on all sides as part of our effort of giving extra value to all our customers. Only those granite slabs meeting our inspections are then ready to be sent to our online shipping center. The export warehouse is located next to the internal port so as to ensure quick and prompt granite supply.

Utmost care is taken on packaging our granite products so as to ensure the safe delivery of this beautiful natural stone from India once it leaves us and is shipped. The granite slabs are packed airtight in open or closed top containers with foam sheets in between the polished granite products.

We are your number one choice of a stone exporter delivering the finest quality (consistently), selection (unsurpassed), service (reliable) and at the best cost (value-saving).

Process Sheet

  • Large blocks of Granite weighing to the extent that 50 tons are transported from the quarries from over the globe.
  • Blocks are cut and decreased to slabs up to the size according to the international business sector prerequisites.
  • The granite slabs are then polished in various courses of action starting with grinding that includes an extremely unpleasant course diamond polish accompanied by an epoxy process that improves the color and surface. They are grinded and polished with additional finer grade abrasives to give a last fulfill.
  • Fully cleaned granite slabs are then packed, stacked into containers  and delivered as far and wide as possible.
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