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Granite Slabs

Slab Granite:  Pamper yourself with Affordable luxury

What is Slab Granite?

Slab granite is available in various sizes.  It is cut from the sliced pieces out of huge blocks of stone. The most common form of granite is the Slab Granite that is commonly available with stone distributors. It can be had either in piece or in lot.

So it necessities buying of extra quantity than the actual. For instance, a 70 SF kitchen might need buying of 2 slab granite. If the slabs were 60 SF each, 120 SF would be purchased. The remaining quantity of granite cannot be made use for other purposes for the differentiation of color and texture the slabs might have in the next purchases.

Why Should You Go for Granite?

Yea, there is lot of reasons that Slab Granite should be your first choice for any construction:


  • Striking normal depth and temperament
  • No two pieces are accurately same as there are variety of organic patterns and colors.
  • It is a powerful resistant to heat.
  • It is a proof against any damage by scratching or cutting, chemical, moistures
  • It never bubbles and melts.
  • Durable and won’t melt or bubble
  • It is the strongest and the hardest organic product on earth, next to sapphires or diamonds
  • Your house gets added value out of it as it won’t depreciate with passing of time
  • It proves it versatility by being well matched with many style of decoration
  • It is multi-functual as it goes very well in multiple of uses like outdoor and indoor flooring, fireplaces, countertops, tub decks, shower walls, furniture tops and many more. It is safe for using in all the corners of your house.
  • It requires minimum care as the application of water sand soft cleaner is enough for it to wash.

How big is the Slab Granites?

The Slab Granite is sold generally in rectangle shapes, normally not bigger than ten feet lengthwise. They are also available in standard industry sizes:

  • Gang-saw slabs                        Size : 1600mm up X 2700mm up
  • Thickness: 2cm / 3cm
  • Cutter Slabs / Disc-saw slabs:  Size :    600mm up X 2200mm up
    Thickness: 2cm / 3cm

 Identifying Proper Granite

Confirm the shade of the rock that you guess to be granite. The mineral content determines the color of the slab. Granite is mostly made of feldspar, quartz, and muscovite and biotitic. Sometimes augite, hornblende, zircon or magnetite also found in the granite.  Most of the color of the quartz comes out of feldspar, which generates light gray, white, pink or yellowish tones. Hornblende and Biotite produce black crumb, and muscovite provides a brownish or silvery color.

Examine the granites’ grain that starts from coarse to coarser. In a coarse-grained granite  he grains found to be in the size of a bit of rice, or sometimes bigger larger.


Granite is absolutely a natural stone, and the granite slabs are normally weighty. So you should take adequate care when lifting, relocating and setting granite into the particular position of any house project.


Granite is natural stone and therefore porous. Cleaning and maintenance practices should be followed using the recommendation of the Granite Manufacturers. If you want to retain the lustrous shine of Granite you may need to seal the granite surface.


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