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Ivory Brown Granite

Granite is found abundantly in the bosom of mother Earth. It is formed mainly out of feldspar with constituents of quartz, as well as minor quantities of minerals like hornblende and mica. Granite is freckled with uniformly dotted crystals.

The colors of granites. There are various colors of granites. Ivory Brown Granite is one of the most popular colors of granites. This light brown granite comes from India. It is a fine to medium-grained pinkish-beige granite. The base color of this granite is white and there many brown-reddish veins and deep grey dots on it.

Ivory Brown

It is used for making countertops, fireplaces, bathroom vanities. It is also widely used for flooring. The use of this granite makes things really attractive.

Ivory Brown Granite requires extra concern to keep on its shine for a long time. So, it is necessary to clean it properly regular. There are many cleaning products which make coating on the granite surface. And so, the granite surface looks dull and less clean.

As an alternative of using pricey retail granite cleaners, you may think about of using low-priced components that are nearly all present already in your store room and they will make your Ivory Brown Granite countertops looking fresh and attractive.

The recipe of Homemade Cleaners


Make a liquid mixture of a cup of purified water, a cup of isopropyl alcohol and a teaspoon edible soda and pour it in spray bottle. Now spray the solution on your Ivory Brown Granite countertop and wash it away with a fresh, soft duster.

The liquid mixture of alcohol will work to clean and sterilize and take away any kind of coating or other dregs that has developed, while the edible soda will freshen and bring back shine. If you wish, this liquid cleaner can be used frequently as a regular product of cleaning.

Liquid Dish Washing

It is very useful to clean the granite countertops easily. It cleans the granite surface very well and brings a fresh look.

Take a spray bottle. Pour a cup of sterilized water into the spray bottle. Then add ten drops of pH balanced liquid dish wash and a teaspoonful of baking soda to this solution.

Then spray the liquid solution on the granite surface and wash out it by using a soft rag to remove film and other deposits which has fabricated on the surface of your Ivory Brown Granite.

Sterilized water is chlorine-free and it does not contain minerals to set down on your granite surface.   Use this liquid solution as a regular cleaning product, as it will not damage granite and will leave your Ivory Brown Granite creations looking wonderful.

Tarnish Cleaner

Apply a paste of edible soda to remove the deep stain mark or thick coating from your Ivory Brown Granite surface.

Take a bowl. Then pour a few teaspoons of edible soda and a few drops of purified water in it and stir up it well to make the paste. Now spread the paste over the stain mark or coating of the granite surface and let it dry for a few hours.

After a few hours, wipe it away with a soft, wet cloth to remove the dirt.

It is essential to clean the granite surface regularly. It is ideal to apply the homemade cleaner to restore the shine of your Ivory Brown Granite creations.

















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