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Ivory Fantasy Granite needs enough care

The medium to coarse-grained Ivory fantasy granite is mined in India. This particular granite is also known as Ivory Fantasia. Ivory fantasy granite is very transparent granite and so it looks like a polished stone constantly.

The base colors of Ivory fantasy granite are white, silver and cream. The Indian Ivory fantasy granite has brown spots on whitish grey and ivory background. It has veins of gold, brown or white on it.

The Ivory fantasy granite is used widely in floor designing, wall cladding, in kitchen countertops, shelf, bathroom vanity tops, garden decoration etc.

Ivory Fantasy Granite


Cleaning and Caring of Ivory fantasy granite countertops

The simplest method to keep your stone looking grand is to keep it away from awful habit of using. It might harm your Ivory fantasy granite creations. However, eliminate most the potential problems that may be the cause of damage of the granite.

The eye-catching and pricy Granite surface calls for caring clean up and protection. Keep any type of abrasive chemical away to avoid discoloration of the granite countertop.

The following tips will help you to perform the job of cleaning very smoothly:

Blot out the spills at once

The acidic stuffs like fruit juice, tomato sauce, coffee, wine can create stain on the Ivory fantasy granite surface. The cooking oil may also leave a stain if not moped up instantly and perfectly.

Clean the facade using a soft cloth or sponge

Always use especially formulated granite cleaner to keep your Ivory fantasy granite counter tops in the best condition and to guard the sealer. You may use warm water for quick cleanings.

The dish washing soap will not permanently harm your granite, but if you apply it repeatedly, then it can be the cause of the dullness of your countertops shine. So, do not use the dishwashing soap for regular caring of your Ivory fantasy granite countertop.

Use mild cleaners

Never use ammonia-based cleaners, scouring or turpentine cleaners. Keep away from using oxidize cleaners or acid-based removers and keep drain and oven cleaners off your Ivory fantasy granite counter tops.

Place all bottles, glasses and cans on the coasters

In case of appropriately sealed Ivory fantasy granite, it is not essential to use coasters. But, the using of coasters is just an excellent practice to care for all kind of surfaces.



Set down the hot pans or pots on trivets and hot pads

If you put down the hot pots directly on the Ivory fantasy granite countertops, then a crack may occur on the granite countertop due to the “thermal shock”. So, always set the hot pans on the hot pads or trivets.

Use cutting boards

Though the granite is very hard material, the mark of sharp knife may leave permanently on this granite façade. So, when you cut something, always use cutting boards.


According to the manufacturer’s instructions, re-seal the Ivory fantasy granite countertops from time to time. Re-sealing will help to avoid stain on the granite countertops when a spill occurs on your granite countertops.

Each variety of the Ivory fantasy granite has an individual shade and tone. If a piece of your Ivory fantasy granite countertop requires to be changed because of any kind of damage, then it is too difficult to go with the rest of the Ivory fantasy granite countertop.

Therefore, take care of the Ivory fantasy granite countertops sealed properly so that stains make no discoloration of the surface of the granite.


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