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  • Do you Own a Quarry?

    No, we don’t have a quarry because owning a quarry will not serve our objective of catering to demands of more than one variety of granite exports to our customers worldwide. We do have agreements with quarries however and based on them we practically get the best portion of the quarry area allotted to us by granting an advance to the quarry owner. We are literally the owners of this particular portion of the granite stone quarry and all the production of this area belongs to us.

  • Do you have a Manufacturing Plant?

    Yes, we have a factory which has a very good production capacity and some of the latest Italian machines for cutting. Our production plant has evolved into a high-tech production facility complete with new-age technology for cutting and polishing, We have a team of experienced granite manufacturers looking after the processing, dressing and inspecting of our granite products. When these granite slabs are polished and finished to perfection, their beauty is truly stunning.

    We have master granite manufacturers which craft these natural stones and the secret to our success as granite suppliers is our expertise in sourcing the right materials at the right prices and processing them with the latest Italian machines. That way we can fulfill our vision as granite exporters to extend the best quality finished products to all of our customers.

  • What is your delivery time?

    We hold stock of containers of all popular varieties of natural stones for the convenience of our buyers worldwide. This enables us to ship the containers very quickly.

  • Who does your quality control in the quarry / warehouse?

    Kanha Granites firmly believes that there can be no substitute for good quality especially among granite suppliers in the international market. We have our own quality control inspectors trained by us who thoroughly understand our quality control policies regarding granite manufacturing. These policies are also implemented in the various quarries where our purchase managers decide to buy from. This enables us to keep a complete control over the natural stones marked and transported to our factories. As a result we do not allow any third party handling of our wholesale granite.

    In a similar fashion, we have our quality inspectors allocated to the factory with the explicit role of monitoring the whole process starting from the cutting of the granite blocks to the manufacturing of the granite slabs in order to ensure international standards through out.

  • Why should we buy from you?

    We firmly believe that you should buy from us because we see no reasons why you should be deprived of such a good deal.

    We offer you good deals in terms of pricing, in quality, in purchase (in terms of convenience) with immediate shipping and last but not the least in terms of after sales customer support.

    At Kanha Granites we believe in giving the best to our buyers because we know that they deserve nothing but the best.

  • Why is one material more expensive than another?

    There are numerous factors that contribute to the cost of each different type of natural stone, including the quality, supply and demand, and even the value of the US dollar. First quality materials offer the finest processing and the most aesthetically appealing selections and as such there is a surcharge over more commercial grade granite products.

    The size and mechanization of a natural stone’s quarry are other factors contributing to its cost. For instance, a small quarry will only have a limited quantity of first quality blocks available, which can raise the cost of the wholesale granite.

    In addition, some granite marble quarries are located in places where the climate only allows them to operate part of the year, thus reducing their output and increasing cost.

    Also, some pricier materials contain semi-precious stones which have a higher market value in other industries.

    Moreover, a type of granite slab may be more costly because it requires more skill and careful attention during the processing and fabrication process, increasing the cost of the finished product.

    Finally, the distance a shipment of marble and granite has to travel to the port before being loaded on a freight liner can also contribute additional cost.

  • What is minimum order quantity?

    As usual , our minimum order quantity is 1 x 20 ‘container .

  • How thick are the Granite slabs?

    Natural stone granite slabs are available in both 16mm to 30mm thicknesses. Being one of the best granite manufacturers in India we process special size request orders.

  • What are your delivery and payment terms ?

    DELIVERY: Normally 3 to 4 weeks are required for the processing of an order from date of receipt of order or L/C for standard sizes. However, for specific size orders extra time may be required but requests for earlier delivery will be handled as per request.

    PAYMENT: As in any international trade context, we start with Irrevocable L/C at sight favoring, Kanha Granites Private Limited, Survey No. : 37/1, Sivagangai, Main Road, Poovanthi Village, Madurai – 625020. After repeated dealings, we intend to be more flexible keeping in mind the interests of both the parties involved.

  • How is your Quality?

    We match international standards. The very fact that we are granite exporters to various countries is a testimony to this fact. We incorporate quality checks at every stage starting from quarrying to packing. We allocate our own quality inspectors at the quarries and follow the same practice in the production unit as well.

    The following quality checks are incorporated in our quality process:
    We employ a gloss meter to ensure the required gloss on the surface.
    We make sure that there are no scratches on the surface by close observation by our experts.
    We maintain the thickness and the size according to the specification.

  • How are the slabs produced?

    The process we follow is this:

    The natural stone blocks are moved from the quarries.
    The wholesale granite slabs are then sent to our factory where they are processed by excellent Italian machines.
    A plan is made as to how each granite block  is to be cut into granite slabs.
    The uneven portions of the granite blocks  are dressed with a wire saw.
    The granite is then cut into slabs by gangsaw machines and polished by line polishing machines.

  • How do you inspect blocks?

    The granite slabs are checked for fractures / patches on the surface. They are checked for patches and any other fracture which might have been caused naturally or due to blasting. Water is poured on the block to test for color variation, regularity of the pattern (all six sides are checked similarly.)

  • What is open top container?

    It is a container that is open from the top that enables loading from the top.

  • What is box container?

    The container that is closed from all sides.

  • What are free lengths?

    These are granite slabs without any specific measurement bought by the buyer so that he may cut them into required specifications at his end.

  • What is the process once we place an order with you?

    Thanks to our readily available stocks, we will ship the granite products as soon as we receive the order. The natural stone goods are loaded into the containers at our unit. The customs executive cross checks the containers with the invoice and after matching them, they are sealed and taken to the internal port.

  • How long does it take from the time of order to delivery at our Warehouse?

    As far as shipping  is concerned, depending on high seas time, we need around a day.

  • Easy Payments

    Normally payment is through irrevocable letter of credit. However, after satisfactory dealings in a couple of shipments, the credit terms can be agreed upon between the customer and Kanha Granites.

    Currently Kanha Granites offers shipments under:
    Letter Of Credit – Sight / Credit
    Document against payment – COD
    Advance Payments
    Part advance payments 10%- 25% advance and balance against DP/COD.

  • Do you provide any assurance for quality ?

    Our experience as one of the main granite exporters in India allows us to fully understand our buyers’ quality specifications. And our commitment is simply this: that our buyers expectations will be fully met. Our quality systems are in place to ensure that every time you deal with us, quality and excellence is guaranteed in every detail.

  • What is the criteria for sending samples ?

    Normally we send small natural stone samples (3″x3″) for evaluation to serious customers. Our samples are sent only against specific requirements and on freight collect (to pay) basis. Once you place an order this cost will be reduced from your invoice. We’ll appreciate you sending us your company profile or your web address (URL) to enable us to learn more about your business and how to better cover your needs.

  • Do you offer distributorship ?

    We offer distributorships worldwide for the export of granite from India and welcome serious professionals. We need the following information for us to consider any distributorship.

    Your complete profile, detailing years in stone business.
    Your area of operation.
    The products you have handled, any products of interest and their projected sales.
    Your payment terms and terms for the security of payments.
    Your plant or factory details, your annual turnover and details about your management staff etc.
    Your quality control parameters and any other support required.
    Your exclusivity terms or any other such requirement

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