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Kashmir White Granite

Though the base of Kashmir White Granite is white, it has brown and black dots on its surface which is called granules. The granules are found to be present in every piece of Kashmir White Granite. White shade is one of the favorable shades of granite which is often used when a very light exterior is desired by the homeowner.

Origin of Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White Granite, in its natural form, is found mainly in India. The Precambrian period of history is the period of origin of this type of granite. It is Eurasian organic stone containing fine or medium grains. Most of the prepared slabs of Kashmir White Granite are processed either directly in India or exported for to China for processing.

Color Variations of Kashmir White Granite

Like all granite, the color in Kashmir White Granite differs slightly from slab to slab. It is one of the lightest, insensible shades of granite. Most probably, it is the purest ‘white’ granite available. It has an irresistible visual aspect of a dark white to pale gray stone with very small to medium crimson, maroon, or berry-colored engrafted pieces which are known as garnets.

Maintenance of Kashmir White Granite

It is very difficult to maintain the Kashmir White Granite due to its pale coloration. But if you follow some rules at the time when you are using the granite, then Kashmir White Granite will hold its color readily. Tips to keep Kashmir White Granite well: —–

ü Keep continue the sealing every six to eight months. Because this granite is more porous than the darker granite.

ü Excessive heat, cold or moisture may damage the seal of Kashmir White Granite and leave marks.

ü Wipe off any kind of spill as soon as possible since Kashmir White Granite holds color readily.

Uses of Kashmir White Granite

It is a very common choice for the kitchen countertops and vanity tops due to its authentic, pleasant aspect. It is an everlasting material also. White granite creates durable flooring tiles and dimension stone in commercial buildings and monuments.

This species of granite is called by other names also:

  1. Bianco Kashmere White
  2. Bianco Kashmir White
  3. Cachemire
  4. Cachmire White
  5. Cashemere White
  6. Cashmeere White
  7. Cashmire White
  8. Kaishmir White
  9. Kashimir White
  10. Kashmere White
  11. Kashmire White
  12. Kasmiere White
  13. White Kashmir
  14. Kashmir Ivory

Does Kashmir White Granite vary with light conditions?

Yes, it is. Under bright light conditions, whether it is a sunny day or cause of intense indoor lighting, the Kashmir White Granite is highly reflective and persists throughout the countertop. Even in the absence of light, the light gray tones are much more dominant and give the countertop a stone-like feel.

How durable is the Kashmir White Granite?

Kashmir White Granite is commonly chosen for kitchen countertops for its durability. This is a natural stone and it is one of the hardest stone on the planet. Finally, the elegant countertop of this made is extremely durable.

The overall beauty of this Granite

Kashmir White Granite is as beautiful as Kashmir. As a beautiful gift of nature it gives a normal beauty for a prolonged period of time. It soothes your mind and soul. Not only that, it upgrades your kitchen and toilet and adds a unique look to your floor. You can use the Granite in the drawing room and bed room at the border areas to give turns them more compelling.  Finally, use it for your entrance paved surface to offer a smart welcome to your desired guests.


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