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Kota Stone

Developing in the region of Kota, the stone possesses a pleasing shade of greenish blue, and matches very well with most of the interiors. Other shades such as chocolate brown are obtainable, but not available always and also not very popular with the architectures. Hitherto, granite and marble had been dominating the picture, referring Kota floors as a next option, especially for less frequented areas. But, nowadays people have started to realize the benefits of Kota floors.

Kota stone 3

This outstanding flooring substance moves across India after it originated in Rajasthan. Though not so eco-friendly theoretically, it is natural stone belongs to the group of limestone. It is suitable for several of conditions. The stone fares very well as compared to the most other neighboring stone options for its exceedingly realistic price and attention-grabbing colors.

Not only for the attractive appearance, have people liked Kota stones for its durability.   The unique qualities of Kota compel the building contractors to pick the stone as their primary option. A few of ranges of export quality Kota stone is available with some of the reputed companies.

Some of the principal popular export quality Kota:

  • ØBlue Kota Limestone
  • Ø Kota polished limestone tiles
  • Ø Maximum sizes of the blocks of Kota
  • ØBrown Kota Lime stone with yellow shade

kota stone 2


The biggest producers of Kota Stone mine as well as process huge quantity of export quality Kota stone each year. The exporters, the local suppliers, and the construction companies sell the stone at wholesale price.

The variety of refined Kota blue limestone is familiar for its fine bluish green shade. It puts in sparkle ambience in the interiors. High durability and fine finish of the polished blue limestone suit changeable requirements of flooring and shielding.

The range of Kota Brown stone is familiar among people for its shades of Brown and Yellow Green shade. Variation in color is the innate property of the stone. The variety of colors adds sparkle to the inner part of your home. Many architects use it building various planned undertakings across the Globe.

kota stone 4

The Prices of Kota Stone

The price of Kota stone depends and varies according to the source of your procurement.  If you make direct purchase from Kota Ramgunj Mandi the rate will be different. But, if you procure it from Kishangarh you’ll have to pay other rate because cost of moving and consignment charges will be included in it.

So, first look for the nearest locations for delivering to your place. The prices and the qualities of Kota stone depend on size and thickness of stone.  The quantity also matters in deciding the cost of the stone.

Calculating the Height of the Floor

The thickness of Kota stone is 1.5 inch approximately.  Hence need calculation of floor height is necessary. Though they come in with multiple joints, these can be hidden by applying colored mortars. The minor variations in surface level get leveled through polishing, which is performed in about seven rounds, as well as the closing round with tin oxide.

Though natural like marble and granite, Kota too is a natural stone. In order to retain its fresh and shiny look, the stone can be polished again and again for use over the decades. The users can utilize it as long as they wish.


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