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Lady Dream Granite

Finding out which granite countertops should be a proper match with any different kind of color format is not so easy. Fortunately, there are innumerable shades and colors of granite to choose for. Whether you would like to highlight your kitchen cabinet colors, you may pick up Lady Dream Granite that will play a deciding role for the decoration of your kitchen.

Lady Dream Granite is also known as Indian Desert Multicolor granite. This granite is accessible in the shades of green and red. Unlike other granites, this granite has limited in variations

This particular granite is a coarse to very coarse-grained granite and so it conveys an stylish appearance. The background of Lady Dream Granite light blue and there are orange outlines on its surface. It offers a prosperous and natural demand to the applicable region.

lady dream granite


Uses of Lady Dream Granite

  • Flooring
  • Wall cladding
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom vanity tops

The reasons of using Lady Dream Granite

  • Lady Dream Granite countertops are smooth in texture. It has a glossy look and compressive strength. It also offers toughness along with high presentation.
  • These granite countertops are famous for various finishes such as antique, flamed, brushed, sandblasted, bush hammered, and polished. These are broadly esteemed for its wonderful finishing and high strength.
  • This particular granite has cold resistance possessions and good water resistance. So, Lady Dream Granite one of the best granite to be applicable as kitchen countertops and in bathrooms.
  • It is one of the most attractive granite which is enduring and extremely tough. It is also unfazed by heat and fire.
  • These granite countertops contain extreme strength, enhancing look and attractive patterns. It offers a feminine stroke to your kitchen and bathroom interior.  Lady Dream Granite presents a warmer and softer look to any kind of décor.

The causes which can discolor your Lady Dream Granite countertops

Lady Dream Granite is basically light colored granite. And it is also porous like other granites. So, the stains or discolorations may develop easily. There are a lot of things that are used every day in the most of the homes. And it may be one of the main causes of discoloring your granite surface.

Here are some elements which are also powerful to make stains or able to discolor your granite surface.


If your Lady Dream Granite is unsealed, it can absorb any liquid easily. Cooking oil can make stains easily on your granite surface. So, it is essential to seal your granite surface as soon as possible and clean out any kind of spills at once.

Natural compounds

Natural compounds like colored foods may discolor light-colored granites. Tea, coffee, wine and other liquid evaporates from the stone, the discoloration goes with it. So, always wipe away the granite with water and a spongy cloth after putting drink or food item on your granite surface.


Ink, marker, paint etc. can discolor your granite countertop. The liquid based dyes can be soaked into the granite surface, creating the dyes or colors on your granite surface.

Stain avoiding, simple cleaning and properly sealing will keep your Lady Dream Granite countertop looking shiny and polished for many years.




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