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Lavender Blue Granite

Granite is traditional choice for flooring, countertops, and wall cladding. It lines the toughest stones, and is appreciated all over the world for its durability. Granite comes in lots of colors, which differs in part depending on the country where it is mined. It comes in black, white green and red and sourced from India, China, Italy and Brazil, among other places.

Lavender Blue granite is one of the popular granites in the world. It has a light blue backdrop covered with deep navy blue crust. Its lavender blue color provides an attractive look to the décor. The blending of the colors makes it a very enhancing slab for the building purpose.

lavender blue granite

The features of Lavender Blue granite

Lavender Blue granite slabs are known for their exciting effect, potency, and beauty. This granite slab surely inserts beauty and sophistication wherever it is applied. These slabs have some significant features like lightweight, slim, coarse and firmness. It is also tough resistant to climate, and so proves to be durable.

It is appropriate for interior and exterior purposes. Due to its stiffness and scrape resistance, it is perfect for flooring and wall cladding.  The granite is available in multiple appearances, both in shapes, shades and sizes. These Lavender Blue granite slabs are striking in all respect.

It offers a captivating look together with the qualities of scratch resistantance and stiffness. It gives classy, authentic and attractive touch to any kind of constructions.


A few handy tips for granite maintenance

Today, granite is widely acceptable as kitchen countertops, floorings, wall cladding etc. Though granite has a tough surface, it requires a regular care and proper maintenance.

Here are some instructions, which may help you to take care for your Lavender Blue granite.

  • Take an abrasive, clean rag and pour water-based stone sealer in it. Then rub the rag on the granite surface and   let the sealer dry out for twenty-four hours.
  •  Reapply the liquid stone sealer on the granite. And let it dry for extra twenty four hours. It will work as a safe guard between the leaky granite surface and any kind of liquid spills.
  • Use an abrasive clean rag to washing the spills from the granite surface.
  • Pour a little warm water into a spray bottle. Add one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Shake the spray bottle to mix up the soap and water. Now spray it on the Lavender Blue granite surface.
  • Wipe up the soap mixture with a soft, clean, abrasive rag. Buff as you wipe to remove any residue on the granite surface.
  • Now take another spray bottle with warm water. Spray it on the granite surface and wash with another clean cloth. It will take away any soap- remains from granite surface.
  • Make use of fixed duster to clean away the dirt and remains which may leave stains on the granite surface. Never allow them to be left unattended.

The blue color of Lavender Blue granite offers an aristocrat look to your home. And your proper care can help to remain this look for a long time.




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