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Madura Gold

Granite was used for building monuments in ancient period, but in the present days, it is used widely for building houses. Granite is famous for its durability and hardness, and is found all over the world as it has been accepted by hundreds of people. One of the most remarkable features that has made the stone popular is its power of resistance of heat and scratch.

These stones are available in many varieties and patterns across the world. Madurai Gold Granite Tiles is one of them. The demand of this species of granite is increasing gradually and progressively because it is hot choice of almost everyone for their homes.

                                      How Madurai Gold looks?

Madurai Gold has a golden background, with a mixture of light brown wavy structure in it. The color of it is so nice and beautiful that it attracts the eyes of the people. It looks best when it shines and flares. It is always hard, tough and massive. So, it is used widely in construction purpose.

                                      The Usages of Madurai Gold

Though people use it in different ways, it is used mainly for flooring. They are also used for making different commercial as well as residential space floors and walls. It can be used in bathrooms, in balconies and in rooms too, and in kitchen as countertops.  When Madura Gold granite is used on the walls, the room achieves a classy look indeed.

In the kitchen, the countertops are the upper surface of the cabinets which require a new good look. The tiles of Madurai Gold are the perfect choice for the countertops. The tiles are also heat-resistant, chemical resistant and scratch free. Hence, no need to worry about the hot dishes placement. The good-looking countertops increase the beauty of the kitchen and give it a “wow” look.

Madura Gold Granite can be used in the bathroom walls. It gives the bathroom a neat and clean look.

The glossy golden color of Madurai Gold Granites gives a royal look to the office also and makes them look young for a long period.  The colors of tiles enhance the look of the office and make them appear more beautiful for all time.

                              Why do people pick up Madura Gold

Madura Gold granite is used widely in residential as well as commercial space, floors and walls. Because,

  • It is available in various designer patterns, shades and ranges.
  • It is resistant against fire and heat and also shows resistance against wear, freeze, melting, mould and weather.
  • It has hard texture and toughness.
  • It is hard and dense.

                              How to Clean Madura Gold Granite

Regular maintenance of Madura Gold is very necessary. Use microfiber cloth to dust off the surface and wipe down with the quantity of water as needed.

Wipe off the granite surface with a damp cloth and a stone cleaner formulated with a neutral PH is very much helpful. Do not use any kind of abrasive cleaners or harsh cleaners for Madura Gold Granite. It can create scratch, cavity or engrave on the exterior of the stone.

For greasy mark, you may attempt a poultice prepared with a goblet of baking soda or flour and some quantity of dish soap. Put in some water to make it uniformity of yogurt or sour cream. Now, lay the solution openly on the stain and then cover it with plastic wrap during the night, before removing the poultice by washing.


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