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Merry Gold Granite

Granite is a fiery rock. It is very tough by nature. This long-lasting material is used widely interior and exterior purposes. Today granite is a popular choice to the homeowners across the globe.

merry gold granite

There are lots of color variations in granites. It is found from black to white and red to blue. And gold is one of the accepted choices to the home owners. Merry gold granite has a great demand as a building material.

Merry gold granite is quarried in India and it available all over the world. This has been low-cost granite due to its availability.

Description of Merry gold granite

The primary color of this granite is brown. And there are black and pale green floral effects on it. This particular granite is found in different forms and sizes. The prominent look of Merry gold granite is ideal for any kind of home as well as office décor.

The demand of Merry gold granite is increasing day by day. Because, it needs low continuance and it is extremely dependable. This granite is heat and stain resistant.

Decorating your bathroom with Merry Gold Granite

Merry gold granite is a stylish material for bathroom. But the blend of colors in this natural stone can make it tough to choose the rest of the furnishings. There are many alternatives to match with gold granite.

merry gold granite bathroom

Go for light shades

If you have decided to use lighter shades to contrast with the Merry gold granite floor and vanity tops of your bathroom, then you can pick up cream or white for  painting  your bathroom walls. You may use white or cream for rugs, towels and for other garnishing. Depending upon the picky color of your granite, you can also choose peach or pink shades. Tan will go with as a lighter shade of the Merry gold granite.

  Go for the dark shades

Now, dark wall colors are very trendy and it offers a shady effect. You may pick up dark brown shade for your bathroom walls. And make a use of black or deep terracotta for the towels or other accessories. It will complement with the particular shade of your granite. Arrange adequate light if you go for dark shades.

Go for warm or cool shades

The brown shade of the Merry gold granite may swing out either pinkish or yellowish side of variety. If the granite is yellowish brown, then yellow, tan, beige or grey-green are the best options. If the granite is pinkish brown, then try the warmer colors like light gray, pink or light blue shade.

Cleaning methods of Merry gold granite surface

You have to clean your granite surface regularly in appropriate way. Never use any kind of harsh cleaners or scrubber for cleaning your granite surface. Always use mild and pH balanced stone cleaners which can remove remains and dirt with damaging the granite. Tag along the following instructions:

cleaning  granite cleaning

  • Take one gallon of warm water into a bucket and stone cleaner as per the package instructions.
  • Dip down a soft rag into the bucket and squeeze it out.
  • Then wipe it down on the granite surface.
  • Wash the soft rag with clean water and wipe it again to remove any remains.
  • At last, dry the surface with a clean, dry towel.

If you want to keep on the beauty of Merry gold granite for a long time, then pay your attention for cleaning and caring of the granite creations of your home.



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