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Mokalsar green granite

Granites are igneous rocks that consist of feldspar, quartz, and mica. Natural shades of the granite vary from gray to pink to make it trendy as designing stone.
Mokalsar green granite is one of the popular choices among the green granite variation. Usually, the green granites are very much trendy and attractive as well as it is enduring and adaptable design ingredient for all parts of your home.
Most of the people consider Mokalsar green granite as kitchen countertops but there are a lot of ways where you can apply this granite frequently. Because, granite facades are long-lasting, enhancing and comparatively low-priced. So, you may show your creativity using this granite in different exclusive ways.

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Description of Mokalsar green granite
Mokalsar green granite is also well-known as Cobra green granite. The base color of this granite is green and there are black flecks and tiny pink dots all over its surface. It is medium grained in texture. Mokalsar green granites are found in Flamed, Antique, hone and polish finishing.
Uses of Mokalsar green granite
You can use the Mokalsar green granite in various purposes. Such as:
• Countertops
• Kitchen shelf
• Flooring
• Floor designing
• Cladding
• Vanity tops
And so many interior and exterior purposes.

Be concerned for Mokalsar green granite
Sealing is the primary condition for the caring Mokalsar green granite. Apart from sealing, this granite calls for some attention. Here are some suggestions.
After installation of Mokalsar green granite countertops have to be sealed. Otherwise, your countertop may be cracked, scratched or will make stains easily. Usually, being a natural stone, granite surface is porous, sealant slow down this characteristic. One coat of sealant will last forever— this idea is not true. The experts of granite countertops recommend resealing for your Mokalsar green granite countertops every three to five years.


When the granite countertops get dirty, wipe it away with a moist rag. Do not use an abrasive brush or sponge. Don’t use too much water to clean your granite countertop. It may be damaging to your granite countertops.
If you fall oils or acidic liquids on your counter, you require clearing out spills quickly. Because these stuffs can make stains over the counter. This process is called etching. Clean away the spills with a dry soft rag and then wash out the remains with a dampen rag.
Though light shaded granites have a prone to get stains, the dark shaded Mokalsar green granite also get stains of oils and acids. These stains are visible under bright light.

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Cleaning Products
The best cleaning product for your countertops is a soft clean rag and warm water. Mild dish washing soap can be used to clean and remove bacteria from your granite surface. But if you continue the dish washing soap for a long time, then the soap remains can increase on your granite surface. So, it’s better to purchase granite cleaners for monthly or weekly maintenance. It will make germ-free your countertops. Never make a use of any kind of acidic cleaners. Because the cleaners have possibilities to make etching on your Mokalsar green granite countertops.

If you want a sleek granite countertop, and then take care your granite countertop properly and it will keep you away from your kitchen renovate.


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