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Prefab Granite Countertops

Although there are many counter top options available in the market, it is the granite that has earned a superior position among all. To any kitchen stylish and striking granite countertops add perfection of kitchen. It blends well with other up to date and traditional mode of kitchen wear.

Even the most modest kitchen turns into elegance after granite is installed. The pre fab granite stone never depreciate with the passing of time. Rather, it adds value to any of your property.

There is no surface so unique in beauty like natural stone. Apart from this, the durability makes it more and more popular. The prefab Granite countertops come in many shapes and sizes. The island sizes minimize the wastages of the material. After edging is finished, the fabricators only needs to do the work of cutting in different length for setting them as countertops or cook tops or sinks.

Reduced fabrications as well as cost of materials save your money in the long run. There are about 60 prefab granites colors that are imported from the countries like China, Brazil, India etc.


Prefab granite

Facts about Prefab Granite

Prefabricated granite is the semi-customized granite countertops. It comes in in precut shapes and sizes. It helps reducing the cost of construction or modification of a kitchen.  

Sizes of the Prefab Granites  


Prefab granites 26 x98″ long for any counters or else 42 x98″ for the kitchen islands. A planner or a designer generally cut them according to their required sizes.


Unlike big sizes, the distinctive prefab slabs are found to be in completed edges on 2-3 sides, either a square or kind of rounded periphery which is called a bull nose.


Not only prefab granites have a more restricted collection of sizes, it also comes our as fewer colors. The big size granite is available in innumerable colors.


As compared to customized granites a prefab granite counter tops usually possess more seams because of the restriction of size of the obtainable slabs.


The cost of prefab granite slab is cheaper than the big or full size slabs. It ranges from 20 percent to 45 percent cheaper than the full-size slabs.

Installation of Prefab Countertops

The prefab granite countertops         are already cut and shaped. So it requires less work to be done during the installation. You can yourself install the countertops. It is a great savings for you. The standard edge and bull nose edged countertops are so standardized that it needs no extra effort to install.

Prefab Granite Countertop

Follow the instructions below to perform the task of easy instillation.

First, measure both the countertop and the backsplash. Also observe the location of electrical outlet.

Secondly, cut the prefab granite countertop matching the shape to accommodate your other fixtures and appliances.

Thirdly, then replace the old with the new countertop by removing anything attached to it.

Fourthly, take a piece of plywood with ¾ inches thickness and tie it with cabinetry with screws. Then, apply thick glue coating over it and place the countertops over it.

Fifthly, Place the countertop on top of the ply board. Never try to do it alone, but take help of few people around you as granite is very heavy to weigh.

Finally, install sink and backsplashes including the other appliances. Now take care of the prefab granites countertop regularly to give it long life.








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