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Difference Between Prefabricated Granite & Granite


Know the variation between Prefabricated Granite & Granite

 These days men value the aesthetic beauty of their homes and business premises most. Granite is one of the beauty enhancers that offer maximum adornment of the premises.

How we get Granite?

Granite is a natural stone and is got by excavation. It is cut with saws and drills into movable sizes and dimensions to transport in different places.

As a rule, a huge diamond saw is escalated close by to slice a colossal granite blocks from the quarry into slabs for using as tiles, countertops, and grave markers.

 The cut and sliced granite is then carried around over long and short distances to the retailers and wholesalers.

 Granite slabs for countertop are usually 1 3/4-inches in thickness in unprocessed form. The consumers choose their preferred slab granite color and afterward made-up to fit for the kitchen paying extra cost.

 The Prefabricated Granite: What is it?

Prefabricated granite is usually made of actual granite. The unrefined granites slabs are cut to average sizes by rounding off the edges meant for using as countertop with the help of diamond saws.

These granites come in the usual option of sizes and colors. Some of them are cut out with holes for using as sinks.

The ready-to-purchase counter tops just requires to be fixed mutually at the point   of setting up.

How Granites are manufactured in a factory?

The granites can also be manufactured in a factory. It is made by blending granite-chips procured from nature and stones and quartz with the polyester resin. Next, the slabs are baked to treat the resin and finished with diamond polish.

The retail cost of artificial granite is analogous to the prefabricated granite. For, the manufactured granites are pre-fabricated in course of shaping and no fabrication is required after making.

The manufacturers of the artificial granite claim the identical beauty and durability as the natural granites. It is hard for the common users to notice the differences between them.

Why Homeowners prefer Granite Tiles?

The installation of granite tiles is less expensive and less taxing than its counterpart, though not inexpensive.

The advantage of dexterity of granite tiles has made it acceptable to most of the is most homeowner. It can be easily cut and installed to fit them in the order of fixtures.

Additionally, the carrying costs of the tiles are almost next to nothing and can be relocated without any particular transport-vehicles. But, the tiles require more maintenance than the granite slabs for the possibilities of discoloration of the downside grout.

How to Pick Slab Granite Color?

Never worry for the color of granite. Consult with slab granite color experts. The high-end Granites are available in different colors. The available colors are white, dark, gold, sand, green. The neutral colors like brown, grey, deep grey match most of the decors in offices and at homes. When choosing slab granite color, ask for the catalogues or the samples available with the sellers. It’ll surly help you to pick granites slabs wisely matching with the colors and decors of your homes and offices.


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