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Estimate the Prices of Granite Slabs

 How to estimate the Prices of Granite Slabs

Estimating of the prices of granite slabs can be done very easily by finding out some simple measurements and factorizations of the cost of installation. It is possible to determine the cost necessary for the investment to provide your kitchen with inventive granite slabs.

Things to be done at the beginning

Find out some reliable granite manufacturer or installers of granite slabs in your neighborhood to decide the regular price of them in per square foot. The most of the installers estimate the cost of their supplies by the square foot. Hence, calculating the rate is necessary to come up with a correct estimate. Never forget to contact with some of the renowned granite installers in your area in order that you can guess an approximate average estimate.

Ask your granite installers about the charges of installation and any other open charges. Be careful about the hidden charges that the manufacturers most often don’t reveal.

 After you get them, add these to the prices raw materials to have a perfect idea of the cost of granite slabs installation. Now document the figure of price with the cost of granite per square foot.

 Some Important points  to be remembered:

 Careful Observation of the Direction of Granite Grain:  This suggests the careful observation of the trend of “flow” on the granite slabs. All the flows must be in the similar direction, particularly in case of joint of two pieces at the ridge or seams. Lack of your careful watch will turn the granite slabs niggling eyesore. The inexperienced saw operators commonly make such mistakes.

 The Quality of surface polish: Examine the surface or the face of the edges of the slabs to be sure that the area is free of dull spots. The edge polish should go with the appearance of the granite. There should not be any scratches, whirls, and stains. You can test any weakness in hiding these defects with the application of thinner.

 Careful observation of broken granite slabs:  Finally, be vigilant about the broken granite countertops glued together using super-glue, epoxy, and super-glue. Even steel rods are used to clutch them jointly. Sometimes, you might discover the natural granite crack that goes through granite slabs. Why should you accept cracked granite stone paying good money? The granite cracks are very often remaining invisible. Be sure, that you examine them by side way looking.

 Following the above protocols are very important before calculate the price of granite slabs.

 The finalization of the Granite Prices

  •  Measure the every section of the granite countertop in length and width and then multiplication of the numbers will be the result of the total measurement of area of the surface per square inch.
  •  Now switch the square inch measurement to square feet. After that, multiply the sum total by the normal price according to square foot you got previously.
  •  Finally, include installation fees as well as other costs. It is vital that you never overlook to put in with the total to get the most correct figure.


Cheaper granite slabs are not better. For your choice to be excellent and your hard earned money to be spent in right manner you must estimate prices of granite slabs after adequate observations of all the relevant facts and figures discussed already.


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