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Process of Installation of Granite Hearth

Any fireplaces require a strong, good, and aesthetically pleasant hearth. It supports the fireplace and also acts as a heat blockade to keep the floor safe from heating during the burning.

So, the using of strong, incombustible materials for constructing a hearth for the fireplace ensures extended protection of your home- folk. What’s more this process of installation will last for long time.

Finalizing the hearth with an eye-catching and smart natural granite stone gives your hearth a custom-made appeal to draw people’s attention. So, the granite hearth is really helpful and useful.

hearth 2                  hearth 1

Why Granite Hearth

Simply its look, durability and versatility have made the Granite one of the best choices for the home makers. Additionally, the easy maintenance has led many people to pick it as the best option.

Granite tile used for hearth will enhance the appearance and look of your fireplace besides increasing the value of your home. The highly resistant to heat, granite hearth proves to be a useful thing for your entire member of the family.

How to Install Granite Hearth?

Installation of granite hearth for the fireplace requires an elaborate process. Follow the Steps successively:

Step One

Remove the old flooring surface where you want to install the hearth. If you have carpet flooring, pull up the carpet and carpet pad. You needn’t cut them.

Step Two

Sweep up the rubbish of the sub-floor and operate a vacuum cleaner over the sub-floor for the installation of the hearth. This will ensure the removal of the last trace of dirt from surface.

Step Three

Once the work of sweeping is done, you need to make an accurate cut-out for the granite hearth by using cardboard, a marker or a pencil. Then cut the template with a utility knife. Now check how far it fits for the hearth.

Step Four

Now contact reputed granite suppliers for selecting granite colors and other required specified information. Have a right and expertise cut to go with the template. Fit the granite with the space. Request the provider to construct any essential modifications.

Installation of granite hearth

Step Five

Thin setting of mortar together with water is mixed up to produce the stability of frosting. Apply mortar to the area where the granite will be placed. Cover the area carefully.

Step Six

Use rubber grout float between the joints of the tiles. Mix peanut butter with the grout with consistency to hide the cavities between joints. Or else, these openings may give way to big fissure, and might need filling with similar grout color.

Step Seven

Roll back the carpet over the granite hearth and neat the carpet pad according to cutting guide. Now cut the carpet into size with utility knife to cover the hearth. Then glue the pad again to the subfloor and extend the carpet in the right place about the hearth. However, accurately cut carpet, needs no re-stretching.

Finally, clean up the granites by wiping with dry cloth. Then use damp cloth for final wiping.

Over to You…..

Eager to use your granite hearth now? Sorry, never lit a fire in your newly built fireplace for not less than 3 days from the day of installation.

 Remember a saying: Painful eagerness most often leads to anguish.







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