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Red Granite and Its uses

Granite is an igneous rock and formed from magma. There are various colors of granite. Due to its chemical composition and mineralogy, it is available in number of different colors.

The leading granite producing country in the world

Italy is the world leader in marble production, China is in second position and India has won the third rank.

The causes of popularity of Red Granite

Red granites are much preferred as Asian décor for their rich striking and romantic appearance. The use of red granite is found in Ancient Egyptian pyramids for both structural and decorative fashion.

The Egyptian had attached meaning to the color of an object. Red pigments which were derived naturally as oxidized iron and red ocher, was considered a potent color, hot and dangerous.  Both the color is related to blood and to life and death. It also indicates fire which can be beneficial or destructive. Red is also the color of rising and setting sun.

Royal statues had been often made of red granite. The great pyramid of Giza was made of red granite. The Red Pyramid of Egypt, constructed around the 26th century B.C., has been named after its pink granite surfaces. The India-gate of New Delhi, Buland Darwaja, and Red Fort of Agra are some of the examples of granite made monument.

Different kinds of Red granite

The granites are of various kinds:

  • Red granite
  • Ruby Red Granite
  • Red Cats Eye Granite
  • N.H. Red Granite
  • Lakha Red Granite
  • Mexican Red Granite
  • Royal Red Granite etc

Uses of Granites in Ancient Period

Though we found granite chiefly used in kitchens and bathrooms now, but in the earliest time, granite was used more widely. The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to use granite. The Red Pyramid, Menkaure’s Pyramid and the Great Pyramid were all constructed out of large granite blocks. It is still wonderful to scholars, historians and tourists alike about the science behind the construction of these pyramids. The bricks had been laid in so artful manner that not a piece of paper can slip between the blocks.

The Ancient Greeks also used natural stones for buildings, temples and artistic expression. They liked to use marble for the majority of their construction projects. When the Romans came along after, they chose granite because it is a harder and more durable substance. The Romans used granite for the construction of their homes, giant columns, and also as tiles for roads.

The Ancient Hindu Temples were also built up from granite. The oldest ones, rivaling the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids, still stand in Southern India today. The Picture below proves it.

Uses of red granite in interior decoration

Red granite is widely used in interior decoration. The brightness of this marble gives an attractive look. Red granite is used as kitchen counter-tops. It also used as paving stone for paving the floor also. The processed Indian Red Granite slabs are famous for their vibrant color, durability, exclusive finish and are made available in variety of finishes like polished, sand blasted.

These are also high resistant to stain. The sandblasted finishes have a non slippery texture and come perfectly grained. They are widely used for kitchen counter tops, work tops and flooring purposes.

Granite is a very useful and beautiful substance. Modern machinery and quarrying techniques make this process easier than it used to be.


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