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Resourcefulness of Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl Granite is one of the most popular granites. The cost effectiveness, versatility, dark and elegant look make it the most popular granite. The base color of Black Pearl Granite is black, but many other elusive colors can be seen on the surface of it which gives it a distinct look from other traditional black stones. Black Pearl holds traces of silver, blue, gray, green within its dark background. It means that Black Pearl Granite regards most color schemes and styles, both traditional and contemporary and goes especially well with metallic and block colors.

Know the alternate names of Black Pearl Granite

The Black Pearl Granite is also known as

  • Black Labrador
  • Black Ubatuba
  • Silver Pearl

Mining and processing of Black Pearl Granite

A Granite quarry is a cavity or some open digging area from which granite is found. Digging, cutting and blasting are the three methods which are used to obtain granite. The process of obtaining the stone is called ‘quarrying’. The processing of granite starts with quarrying.

The processing is done through four steps, like:

  • Ø Dressing
  • Ø Cutting / sawing
  • Ø Surface grinding and polishing
  • Ø Edging by Cutting and trimming.

Soon after the processing, the granite gets ready to be used for further function.

The composition of Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl Granite is formed through hard, natural igneous rock in with a visible crystalline texture. The main components that form this species of granite are quartz and feldspar or microcline and biotitic. The percentage of each of the composition might vary and, add different colors and textures to the final product.

The chemical properties of Black Pearl Granite

Being composed with feldspar and quartz Black Pearl Granite is formed along with various other minerals in changeable percentage. Check the following list for your information:

Nominal chemical composition of various oxides

Silica (SiO2): 70 -77%

Alumina (Al2o3): 11 -14%

Potassium Oxide (P2O5): 3 -5%

Soda (Na2o): 3- 5%

Lime: 1%

Iron (Fe2o3): 1-2%

Iron (FeO): 1 – 3%

Magnesia (Mg): 0.5 – 1%

Titina: Less than 1% (0.38%)

Water (H20): 0.03%

The Physical Properties of Black Pearl Granite

According to stone experts, black pearl granite gets almost negligible porous, ranging between 0.2% and 4% and is highly stable thermally. This feature of granite makes it unchangeable in variable temperature. Additionally, the high resistance power to chemical erosion has made the this Granite the hardest building stone which shows substance in color and texture, and its hardness lends it an excellent wear for sophisticated structure.

Black Pearl Granite beautifies

The color is one of the most popular reasons of the popularity of Black Pearl Granite. For most people Black symbolizes elegance and style. It is hard to escape from the dark black color fused with silver, blue, green and gray. The color has the highest degree of allurement.  The assortment or combination of the colors on the dark black base is truly charming.

The distinct color combination of the granite brightens up any room matching with existing wooden cabinets and other furnishing equipments. Since they can be used anywhere and everywhere, the Black Pearl Granite is widely used to bring an authentic look of interior or exterior decoration.

Though India is the originated country of Black Pearl Granite, it is very popular all over the world due to its black glossy beauty.  Its global demand has made the black pearl granite popular all over the world. It is exported all over the world for using in different purposes. Mostly the tiles are used as kitchen or bathroom countertops, cobbles and many more forms as well. The Black Pearl offers a marvelous look when used as floor tiles or countertops etc.

The Maintenance of Black Pearl Granite

The maintenance of the Black Pearl Granite is very easy as compared to its elegance. Simple wiping of the stone with clean piece of wet cloth occasionally removes the possibility of any kind of deposits and helps the stone in retaining its natural beauty.


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