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Royal Green Granite

 Granites have many variations and Royal Green granite is one of them. It is very popular among the users them. This granite is widely acceptable for its beautiful appearance and durability. There are also many qualities which have made it renowned to all over the world.

Royal Green granite tiles are non-porous, stain removable and non- slippery. It also gives a smooth and shiny finish. These granite slabs are available in various finishes like honed, polished, brushed, sawn, calibrated, machine cut and hand cut etc.

royal green granite 2  royal green granite

This beautiful granite is appropriate for wall cladding, floorings and even in roadway of garden areas. It is commonly used for both interior and exterior purpose of homes and offices. Royal Green granite spreads out a comforting and enjoyable appeal due to its luxuriant deep green shade. It inserts an everlasting charm and uniform sensation to any space.

Royal Green granite is the green version of Royal Crème granite. It has light green and grey dots flaked over pinkish brown backdrop. This durable but attractive granite is also famous as Raniwada Green and Raniwara Green. Its smooth finishing offers a classically elegant feel to the applicable area.

Best tips for caring your Royal Green countertops after installation

Royal Green granite countertops present classiness and loveliness to kitchens and bathrooms. It is important to take proper care of the   granite countertops after installation. Because proper care will not only help to preserve Royal Green granite appearance but will ensure their longevity.

  • After installation, set aside your granite countertops 4 to 6 weeks to fully cure. In this period, don’t clean excessively. Never use such cleaners which contain grease, soap or wax.
  • Seal the granite countertop after it has totally treated.
  • Clean away the spills from the granite surface as soon as possible. There are a lot of substances which may create stains on your granite countertops like oil, juice, wine etc. Remove the spills with a wet rag.
  • Use coasters on your granite countertop and then place bottles, glasses, pots etc. It will protect your granite facade from discoloring.greeen
  • Though Royal Green granite is resistant to heat, it can be scratched from excessive heat. So, always use trivets or hot pads under the hot pans or pots before placing them on the granite surface.
  • Never cut food directly on the granite surface. Make a use of cutting board. It will secure the countertop from scratches.
  • Lotions, perfumes, hair care products and other toiletries can be the cause of stains on the granite surface. So, don’t place them directly on the granite surface. Put them into a basket on the countertop.
  • Never use any kind of acidic cleanser and also those cleaners which contain bleach alkalis etc. for cleaning the countertops. Avoid any kind of abrasive cleaners, ammonia, the cleaners which contain lemon, orange, vinegar etc. Because these products will worsen the granite sealer, building your granite in at a risk.
  • Sealing provides the best safeguard to your Royal Green granite surface. So, seal your granite countertops twice a year.

Granite is resilient and it can resist much wear and tear. Yet, proper maintenance of the granite countertops will make sure their durability for a long period.









































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