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Shivkashi Granite Worktop

The most sturdy and durable granite stones are basically used as building materials. As a dimension stone it has gained popularity years before. But, it also can be turned into slabs for using as vanity tops and kitchen countertops.

In the field of granites, there is another elegant popular granite shade that is Shikashi Granite. It is quite simple and sophisticated to look. This species of granite is available in different shades. It ranges from light yellow to pink and ivory. Among all the choices, the pink is more popular than other shades. The home owners often ask for this shade.

Like any other granites, Shivkashi granites also requires similar level of upholding to preserve its sturdiness and solidity.

Shivkashi Granite  ShivaKashi Granite


The Shivakshi granite quarry is situated in Southern district of India. But, it is in Tamilnadu where the stone is found in large quantity.

Though, the Shivkashi granite reserve is limited to some pink shades only. The other popular names of this granite are Ivory Brown, Shivakashi gold granite, Sivakasi Yellow and the like.


The development of this granite started to form in the era of Precambrian geological period in about five hundred million years ago. The outbreak of volcano in magnetic lava transformed into igneous rock. It follows the definite process of disarticulation of the country rock through the procedure of fractionation and metamorphoses.

Formation of  Shivkashi Granite


Chemical Arrangement

Silica, Feldspar, Potassium, Mica, Quartz, are a few minerals that are found in large quantity in Shivakashi granite. The most important shades available in this species of granite are White, Ivory, pink and yellow.

It is also includes the fleck of dark pink and golden color on the surface that turns it appear as dual shaded stone granite. In addition to polished finish, it is also available in honed finish that is appropriate for serving as vanity tops and kitchen tops.


Shivkashi Granite Countertops requires right maintenance by cleaning it regularly with a wet sponge. In most cases the warm water work fine. You may also use a mild liquid dishwashing soap. But, be sure that the countertops are wiped dry following the work of cleaning. Use of harsh tools for cleaning granite countertops is strictly prohibited.

Shivakashi Granite Countertop

Word of warning

Stay away from applying any acidic cleaners on the countertops, as the acid will wear away the sealant. Because of this, don’t use acidic products for cleaning not even vinegar. Let alone those tub or bathroom cleaners. Many cleaners found to contain some percentage of vinegar. But, remember! vinegar can’t shine the granite countertops like mirror and window.

The Cost of the Granite

Contact the reputed installers in your region in order to settle on the standard price of the granite per square foot as the installers compute the rate by the square foot.  Finding out the present rate is important to come up with correct estimate of the Shikashi granite.

Call a few installers in order to determine the prices of the Shivkashi Granite. If you have pre set your budget, and then find the right granite that matches your budget. This will help you avoid overspending.




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