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Some of the Best Granites for Flooring

Though there are so many flooring options, still granite is extensively utilized all over the world. In fact, during the last two decades, the application of granite for flooring both in domestic and commercial purpose has increased.

Why the granites are preferred as the best option? Why men choose the Best Granites for Flooring? The reasons are obvious:

  1. Availability: Granite is available all over the world. It is available in different forms, dimensions, shades and finishes. So, people can use the granite as per their requirement.
  2. Value: Granite is less pricy than the other flooring options. Therefore, the common people can easily manage to pay for it .The value of granite is reasonable due to its accessibility.
  3. Beauty: Granite being a natural stone, offers a natural beauty which catches the eyes of all people easily. It adjoins a classy look and creates a pleasant atmosphere where it is fitted.

Some of the best granites for flooring

There is a wide variety of colors and categories of granite. But, all of them are not best granites for flooring. Here are some examples of granites which are more appropriate for flooring.

 Kashmir Gold Granite

One of the best granite for flooring is Kashmir Gold Granite. This granite has achieved an exotic look due to its brown and yellow speckles. It adds a glossy look to your space

Colonial Cream Granite

This granite is recommended for flooring. It is also available in different variation, such as ivory, gold and with dark streaks. It is a beautiful and resilient stone. This granite also has the resistance power of weather, scratch and stain. So, you may pick up the granite as best granite for flooring.

Black Galaxy Granite

It is one of the most popular granite for flooring. The blackish backdrop with golden flecks provides a lustrous gaze of the granite. It works as a brilliant contrast to any light shaded wall or countertops. If you want to renovate your home you may apply it as the best granite for flooring.

Emerald Pearl Granite

This unique granite is also used in flooring all over the world. It is quarried from Norway. This granite generates a modish and rigorous environment. Emerald Pearl Granite is ideal for flooring and it brings a stylish gaze even an ordinary space.

Blue Pearl Granite

This gorgeous granite is quarried from Norway. The granite has bluish background. It has black and gray flecks on it. Blue Pearl Granite requires low continuance. So, it is perfect for flooring. If you wish to cover a large-spacious floor, then this granite will be the right choice.

Silver Pearl Granite

It is also one of the best granite for flooring. This granite is mined in India. But it is available all over the world. It is light shaded granite with brown and gray speckles. Due to its light shade, it is appropriate for small sized room.

Absolute Black Granite

This granite is well-known for its shine and glossy appearance. When you use it as flooring, floor brings an aristocrat look to your interior or exterior décor. It is available and affordable also. It is so easy to maintain. When you are looking for the best granite for flooring, you may try it for sure.



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