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Granite Serves the Best

As a covering of countertops, walls and floor Granite has been very popular. Used for centuries in construction of building, granite’s hard, durable nature makes it the perfect building material both for exterior and interiors.

Unlike most other things, not all granites are formed identical. Nor all the stones that are marked as granite may not be so in spite of having similar characteristics, maintenance needs.

Know Granite in brief

 Granite formed primarily of quartz, is an igneous rock. It varies in pattern, colors, and crystalline. It is formed out of different minerals contained by the stone.

Like usual stones, the pattern and shading of granite tiles and slabs vary in each separate part or within a whole piece.  Granite is absorbent and will soak up oil water and other contaminations if not preserved in right way.

Caring for Granite

Granite should be adequately taken care of like all other natural stones because of its porosity. Taking proper care is imperative for the granite. Acids like tomato juice, lemon juice, vinegar, sauce can damage polish of the stone by taking away the frailer particles out of its facade. This is etching or marking. It results in dull appearance of polished stone.

To prevent staining from happening, granite should be properly cared for with the genuine stone cleaners. These branded stone cleaners are without alkaline or acids and sealers.

The genuine stone cleaners or soft detergents work very well in cleaning granite to bead up off its surface.

 Uses of Granite
The most common use of granite is kitchen countertop. But it has other purposes also. Granite is also excellent matching for tabletops and floor tiles.

Granite tiles are also suitable for the splash board in the kitchen and or on the shower. Some granite, for instance a very rare blue stone Blue Macuba, is used as mosaic work. These work as a great pattern when used jointly with other tiles in the edges or as tiles fitted with the larger tiles in the corners.

Colors of Granites

The wide variety of colors of Granite will make you amazed. The lightest of the sort is near to cream white, with black or gray flecks or veins in their surface. The other familiar colors of granite are gold, green, beige, red, black and gray.

Though very uncommon Blue granites are also available. The other common granites color used for home are Uba Tuba, Giallo Ornamentale, Absolute Black Costa Smerelda, Blue Macuba and Bianco Romano.

Cutting of Granite for fitting

Before cutting granite, taking of repeated measurement is very much important for to obtain accuracy for the development of any countertop.  If you venture to do it yourself, then make a light plywood template of the countertop to cut it accurately

Take care of your eye and face during the time of cutting granite. An eye protector and a dust mask should always be used when doing the work of cutting of granite. Keep everybody as well as your pets out of the place where the work of cutting is being done. If obliged to, they may wear suitable protective device.






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