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South Indian Granites

Among all the building stone, granite is the most fashionable choice of the builders for construction.  It’s found to be used widely in kitchen countertops, tabletops, worktops, flooring etc. in the form of arrangement of random tiles and slabs.

The South Indian Granite takes up an outstanding place in case of dimensional stones. The attractive colors have made these granites fascinating.

The Indian granite tiles and slabs are exceedingly admired in case of interior arrangement of homes.

Some of the Prominent South Indian Granites


Black Galaxy Granite

It is the most preferred bewitching black galaxy granite. It looks as if the starry night dazzles throughout the house, and will captivate everyone’s heart all the time.images 4

Tan Brown Granite

It’s one of the most natural tan brown South Indian Granites that transport you to the soothing greeneries of feasible Beauty of eye soothing, sky kissing mountains that instill in you the natural tan brown granite stone.tan brown granite

Sapphire Brown Granite

Sapphire brown granite available in brown and black decorate the floors, walls, table tops with an unparalleled polish and brilliance.sapphire brown granite

 Lady Dream Granite

This is rich and superior granites. It will take into the thrilling world of sweet dreams through this lush granite. The grey, brown, white fanciful plan rouse in you the sense of dreams and imaginations.lady dream

  Madura Gold Granite

This species of South Indian Granite, gives a sparkling touch to portico, balcony, dining room.  With this Madura gold granite you’ll be able to reveal the fragment of green in excess of different pleasing shades.


  Lavender Blue Granite

It appears like the elegant wave of ocean that will enhance your mood and gives you a matchless charming ambience matchless to boost up your mood and impart magnetism to each room.lavender

Paradiso Classic Granite

Paradiso classic granite reveals a splendid bit of art. It appears like pattern of blue and red waves. The tiny spots on this species of South Indian Granite are really capturing the attention of the onlookers when fitted in the building.


  Colombo Juparana Granite

 It has pink and blue feature imbued with curvy designs all through the surface. The glorious color, high durability and exclusive pattern are the causes of the sole choice of the elite.colombo

 Viscon White Granite

Viscon white granite with purple dots on white background can provide a new look and dimension to the mistreated and untreated corners of your home and office. This species of South Indian Granite is very apt for the upliftment of home and its surroundings.


 Raw Silk Pink Granite

Natural colors shades of grey, orange, golden, has blown up the raw silk pink granite by using the brush. These shades make the granites immortal keep them ever charming. raw silk

Shiva Pink Granite

Like indoor, the outdoor is equally important to entertain your guest or enjoy your home luxuriantly. This species of South Indian granites are very effective to bring an aristocratic look to indoor and outdoor. It is a perfect choice of buying if you want to have diverse cheered mood as the multiple shades of the granite are the real mood enhancing tools.shiva pink



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