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Star Galaxy Granite

Star Galax is igneous granite. It ranges from delicate to grained igneous stone. There are golden specks on its dark black backdrop. This granite is mainly used for kitchen countertops, flooring, table tops and cladding. The polished star galaxy granite achieves an elegant look. This granite is quarried from southern India.

The Star Galaxy Granite countertops are the toughest and most long-lasting substances you can use in your kitchen. As the granites are absorbent in their normal state, it is essential to seal the granite.

Even the sealant Star Galaxy Granite can soak up the stains. So, you should re-apply the sealant once in a year. And clean up the spills from the top of the counter tops as soon as possible because it may create stains on your granite surface. If you have already stained granite, in that case, you may apply the following tips.

The easy tips:

Organic or natural Stains:  If there is the organic stain on your granite, like wine, which has absorbed the surface of the Star Galaxy Granite, and cannot be taken out, you can try to remove it out with a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for the night.


  • At first, take a bowl and put one-fourth baking soda in it.
  • Then add hydrogen peroxide with it.
  • Mix them properly with a spoon until you have got a paste.
  • Now spread the paste on the entire stain mark.
  • Then cover up the paste with a moist washrag and leave it for the whole night.
  • On the next morning, scrub the paste with the washrag and thoroughly wash out the area.


Oil or lubricant stains:  Oil stains are found on the Star Galaxy Granite countertops for spilling of butter, or other food items and salad dressing. These stain marks are too tough to be get rid of. But following some methods it may be easy.

1.At first, take some towels which are made of paper; fold them up as the shape of the stain. Then aerate your kitchen and wear the rubber gloves.

2. Now, dip the shaped paper towels into the acetone. Lay down the dampen paper towels over the stain.

3. Wrap up them with a plastic cover and leave them for forty eight hours. After that, take away the towels and verify the stain. If required, repeat the method.

 Surface or frontage stains:    If a harsh stain comes into a sight which has created on the surface of your Star Galaxy Granite, such as ink from a pen which has broken down, you may follow the method.


  • Take a clean piece of cloth and apply the hydrogen peroxide on the stain mark.
  • Then rub down the specific area with the clean piece of cloth.
  • If the stain persists, then repeat the same method with acetone.
  • After trying this method, if you see that the stains are still present, and then make a lean paste of flour and bleach.
  • Now spread the paste all over the stain mark and leave it for an hour.
  • Then wash out the area thoroughly.


The dark black backdrop with copper speckles makes the Star Galaxy Granite very much attractive for modern stylish   bathrooms or kitchens and always it can create a tremendous sensation for any person.


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