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The Recent Trends in Granite Countertops

In spite of rising cost, granite has been the first choice of the home owners. Especially, in the kitchen, granite countertops have been staying for years.

Many homeowners are selecting granite to promote their dwelling houses for a better marketing value of the granite or other kinds of natural stones.

When it comes to popularity, the homeowners and the designers are getting very much choosy and creative as to the preference of shade, texture and setting up of the granite counter tops.

The recent tendency in choosing counter tops

Previously, the homemakers and the designers preferred impartial and protected colors, focusing on classic looks for extended years for making appeal.

But, nowadays much more boldness is reflected in choosing designs and personal approach as compared to an all-purpose look.

Individual Choice

People are doing experiment with valiant colors, exclusive textures and glowing patterns in order to generate an individual design that gives the impression of art dexterity. Now the Countertops are picked and fixed with inventiveness.

Veining and Texturing

When it is the matter of complicated designing as well as veining of granite counter tops nothing is there to beat it. But, marble is not free from the possibility of soak up. It is also prone to discoloration or staining. It is, though suitable for less traffic or formal areas, it is barely portrays the fixing in the kitchen.

Homeowners generally want a kind marble that needs minimum maintenance but maximum durability. Luckily and coincidentally, nowadays, granite slabs take off the appearance of marble that almost all the designers and the homemakers prefer to fix.

There are, in fact, infinite choices as it comes to the matter of texture and durability. So, people now don’t have to decide between marble and granite. They will now have both the astonishing patterns and sturdiness in single.

Calm and relaxing color

The recent inventions of color of granites evoke calm and relaxing trends.  Particularly in temperate climate conditions like Los Angeles, the soothing look and feel of granite is invaluable.

A beautiful gray with gold and pearl allusion create a wide look in internal ambience. It, in fact, adds to the warmth of hospitality also.   Gray colors practically tributes to any color of the cupboard color and provide a sleek and fresh look when compared to other colors.

White is another well-liked shade, particularly when the people want bright looking ambiance at home.  The granites counter tops of this shades makes the place appear appears open and spacious.

Gold has also gained attractiveness lately for the attractiveness and the sophistication it carries with it in any space.

The Curves

Straight lines are the only option.  As the homeowners and the designers prefer to be inventive in selecting kitchen granite counter tops design, the curved designs are getting well-liked.  Gallant, extensive curves mix with the perpendicular line of the cabinets generates a distinction, and offers a very significant look in the kitchen.

Additionally, the curved counter top makes an area appear larger. The feeling of spaciousness is normally popular in every kitchen where we enjoy our meals in an expansive mood.


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