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Uba Tuba and Peacock Granite

Numerous alternatives of granites are available in market. Green granites having tight, coarse patterns are the more accepted options because they go well with so many complementary tiles and wood tones. Among the most used granites Uba Tuba granite is the most repeatedly used stones for the countertops.  ”Peacock” is another variety of granite, available in green shades.

Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba granite is a gloomy green stone marked with cream, white, gold, and rarely turquoise. It is consistently flecked without any veins.

Quarried mainly in Brazil, these granites are also known as Green Uba Tuba, Verde Uba Tuba, Verda Butterfly, Butterfly, and Verde Labrador. The green color of the granites might be so dark green that are sometimes appear to be black.

Like all other granites, Uba Tuba is exceptionally long-lasting, can be shined to a high polish for using mainly as kitchen counter tops with minimum maintenance.

Uba Tube 1


Green Peacock

Like Uba Tuba, Green Peacock is also mined in Brazil. It is also dark green in color, flecked and without veins. The surface of the Green Peacock is found to have white, gold, and occasionally blue.

But, unlike its peers, it includes red color. The mica in its make up gives Green Peacock an extreme lively appearance in color. This species of granite also doesn’t need too much upholding. So, it is apt for using as kitchen counter tops.

Green peacock 1

Green Peacock Light

Green Peacock Light has alike to Green Peacock in coloration but different in tone. It is not dark like green peacock. In its place, it’s exciting yellow green, marked with gold, white, very bright red with pinkish shade has turned the stone more vibrant. It doesn’t include dark green color. Though the stone is used as kitchen countertops, it’s not as familiar or available on demand like other darker stones.

Peacock Green

Peacock Green granite, excavated in China, is a dark green stone Green Peacock, but has a great deal focus of red on the exterior part. Similar to the other granite stones, it is without veins but filled with granular pattern. The flecks of color are much larger, giving the stone a mosaic appearance.

The stones are also available in the name of Erlangshan Peacock Green in reference to its quarry. Though the stone is branded as a green stone, the huge quantity of red and white shades give it other appearance unlike Green Peacock or Uba Tuba.

Painting of Dark green granites  

White is a significant shade if you decide to paint faux green shades. It doesn’t matter how dark or light you prefer. The whiteness in the granite suggests the presence of quartz mineral. White turns the green color of faux granite further evident and will help blending of the colors.

painting 1   painting

Apply the white above the black-based surface in a wholly intermingle layer to hide any edges that you touched lightly with the help of sponge. Be not more concerned about applying the right quantities much or little. You can cover any flaws once you finish your final coloration.



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