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U.S.A. Prefer White Granite

Aesthetically Pleasant White Granite for multiple uses

 The aesthetically pleasant White Granite is a trendy choice for the countertops of your kitchen, offers a long-lasting material. In business houses and remarkable monuments, white granite creates attractive dazzling flooring.

The types of White Granite

 Bethel white granite with bluish-white hues originated from Bethel in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It is used in decorating interiors in the modern and traditional times. Kashmir white granite, Madurai white granite, originates in Madurai, Keelaiyu, India. The South Indian Granite fabricators in the villages of Keelaiyu, in South India show their efficiencies in white granite industry.

The Varieties of White Granites

  For the people who are very economic in their expenses, white porcelain or ceramic granites might be an appropriate alternative for the interiors. The mosaic granites in white color include usual stones built up to net-backed granite. In Southeast Asia, the sea shore designed stones decorate terrace floors, countertops and pools.

The white granites have to go through special finishes for marketing in different parts of the world. There are number of ways for finishing the white granites to make them marketable. These are like these…………………

Honed  Granite finish

Flamed Granite finish

Polished Granite finish

Bush Hammered Granite finish

Chiseled Granite finish

Sandblasted Granite finish


The Native Americans prefer using White Granite


The use of white granite is abundant in the USA. Earlier than 16th century, this species of granite made to use by the Native Americans to serve a range of purposes. The some of the few things in which the white species of Granites were used are the grinding platforms, bowls, statues, and effigies. The interesting fact about the granite is that it can be formed effortlessly for its softness and it is hard enough to endure steady use.

White Granite used as Materials for cooking by the Americans

The American had been very astute when creating the equipments for the purposes of cooking and the containers for water and food. White granite had also been used by the Indians living in America in order to create different bowls.

The granites pieces are scraped and fragmented into tiny pieces and then chopped out to shape a curved in center. The granite was thick and solid and could hold water and foods. These granites could be positioned over the flame for cooking purposes. This became a valuable resource as the pottery failed to compete with it, as the pottery is not suitable for using over the open flame. The flame damages the pottery, but granite remains unaffected.

Grinding Stones

The white granite large granite was very useful for building grinding platforms for different crops and grains. The natives of America smashed the grains with small pieces of granite placing them on a flat large piece. The work smashing can be done very easily on the white granite because of the soft surface of the granite. The grains never bounced but remained in the place throughout the processing. Later on, the crushed powder could be brushed off neatly and stored in container for future use.


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