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A few words about Granite Cleaning

Installations of granite are an attractive addition to any home. The granite creations have a lot of advantages besides its beauty. Because granite is both scratch resistant and heat resistant. And sealing is necessary to protect the granite surface.

Granite has become a popular choice for any home décor because it is very easy to clean the granite. Never use any kind of harsh cleaner to clean your granite surface. Otherwise, the coating of granite surface can become dulled and scratched.

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Cleaning methods of granite countertops

  • Use mild dish washing liquid and warm water to clean granite surface. But be assured that the dish washing liquid is bleach-free. Dip down a soft clean cloth into the soapy, warm water and wring it out. Mop down the granite surface thoroughly to take away all remains.
  • Wash the cloth into the warm water and mop down the granite surface once again. Now make sure that the granite surface is totally soap- free. Always use a microfiber rag to dry the granite surface. It will help to avoid the unwanted water spots from the granite surface.
  • If you want to bring back the shine of the granite surface and to restore the natural finish, then use granite cleaner. The granite cleaner is available at any hardware shop.
  • Make use of hydrogen peroxide and talc to remove the stain mark from the granite surface. Add the hydrogen peroxide with talc, as per the package instructions and make a thick paste.
  • Now apply the paste on the stain and wrap it with a plastic cover and let the paste to dry. Use a wet soft rag to clean away the dried up paste.


Cleaning methods of granite floor

Granites have become an accepted flooring choice with householders. It is essential to clean the granite floor carefully to preserve the beauty of the floor. Though granite is tough, any kind of scratches or dullness can be arise if you do not take care properly at the time of cleaning the granite floor. You may tag along the following instructions.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to sweep up dust and dirt from the granite floor.
  • Take a bucket and pour one gallon warm water in it. Then add table spoon dish washing soap with it.
  • Dip down a soft clean mop into that bucket and wring out the excess water.
  • Wipe up the mop over the granite floor carefully to remove all the remains.
  • Dry up the granite floor using a dry, clean mop to avoid any water marks granite floor.


Tips and warnings to keep well the granite surface

If you want to keep well your granite surface for a long period, just obey the following rules.

  • Never use any kind of abrasive granite cleaners or cleaning pads to clean the granite surface. Because these products may create scratches on the granite surface.
  • Do not use any kind of abrasive chemicals, like bleach on your granite floor.
  • Stay away from applying the acidic substances like orange, lemon, vinegar etc. on your granite surface.

Granites are extensively used in lots of offices, homes, shopping areas so that it is an elegant and easy-to-clean tile option. But the use of wrong cleaners can easily damage the granite. Make use of soft and safe stone cleaning products and it will help to keep your granite well for a long time.



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