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Bianco Romano Granite

Granite is accepted widely both for bathroom and kitchen countertop. It is one of the most tough rock materials. Moreover, its adaptability and collection of colors make it accomplished of being used for lots of decorative reasons, including as a top for furnishings. Additionally, granite works as a tile also.

Bianco Romano granite is one of the popular granites all over the world. This stunning granite originates from Brazil. The base color of this granite is white with gray. It has a pearl effect on its surface. There are often found maroon veining throughout it also.

Bianco Romano provides an elegant look to a kitchen. The exclusive looks of this particular granite allow a dull room to be changed into a striking one.


The homeowners like to install white granite countertops for their kitchen. So, basically white Bianco Romano granite is one of the most popular choices of all. It offers an aesthetically pleasant look to any kind of kitchen.

In commercial construction, headstone, this granite make resilient floor covering terrazzoes and dimension

 The best colors of kitchen cabinets with Bianco Romano granite countertops

If you have Bianco Romano granite countertops in your kitchen, then you install light or dark shaded cabinets alike. Because the soothing color of this granite goes with any shades of cabinets well.

Light shaded cabinets will be proper selection, if your kitchen is smaller one. Then, you may use white cream or gray colored kitchen cabinets. These colors will enhance your kitchen and will bring more spacious look to your kitchen.

 You may use dark shaded kitchen cabinets against Bianco Romano granite kitchen countertops. The contrasting color will offer your kitchen a gorgeous look. In that case, you can use black, blue, brown or green shades in making your kitchen cabinets.


Caring of Bianco Romano Granites

Though Bianco Romano granite is light colored granite, the caring of Bianco Romano granite it not too difficult.  Just follow the following instructions.

  • Just stay away from the stain
  • The foods which contain acid, can make stains at the granite
  • The cleaners which contain vinegar, can do a mark on the granite
  • Wipe up all and any spills with a soft, wet cloth
  • Seal your granite properly at least once in a year. If necessary, you can re-seal your granite twice per year. It will help you to slow down the absorption of anything into the granite countertops.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide and two or three drops of domestic ammonia to get rid of the tea or coffee stains from your Bianca Romano granite countertops.
  • If an ink stain occurs on your granite countertop, clean it safely with nail polish remover or acetone
  • Taking away the oily stains from your granite countertops, use a poultice of hydrogen peroxide and flour over the stain. Wrap it with a plastic cover and let it sit for at least eight hours. Then remove the plastic wrap and scrape away the paste with a soft plastic or wooden utensil to prevent scratching. This mixture will draw the stain to the surface. If necessary, repeat the method.

Bianco Romano granite has conquered a lot of obstructions as well as cost, lack of toughness and nonstop essential maintenance. And so, it becomes one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials today.




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