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Black Granite

Black Granite is one of the most common colors. There are varieties of this granite. They are Black Pearl, Black Galaxy, India Black, Absolute Black, Titanium, Cambrian Black and Impala Black.

This granite has extended its utilization in making countertops both in conventional and modern kitchens. If you want bring a lavish glance in your kitchen use black countertop.

imagesblack granite

The countries where Black Granite is available

The Black Granite is quarried from India, China, Brazil, South Africa and Angola.

The Chemical Composition of Black Granite

It is extreme intemperate and harsh in texture. Mainly, it consists of feldspar, alkali and quartz. Besides these three minerals, the Black Granite also consists of little quantity of minerals like hornblende and biotite mica.

Different uses of Black Granite

This granite has a common use in making kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity, worktop etc. It is widely used in flooring and in asphalt road. But, Black Granite is also preferable for the exterior construction purposes. Such as:

  • Monument
  • The basis of Statue
  • Architectural beauty
  • Momentous indicators
  • Cobblestone and curbstones
  • Confronting building stones
  • Structural stones

imagesblack granite2                      imagesblack granite 3

How do you take care of Black Granite countertops?

This hard wearing and elegant Black Granite needs minimum maintenance. So, in recent times, the granite has become the matter of choice for renovating their buildings, especially the kitchens.

However, you can pursue the following tips.

  • Clean your kitchen countertop with lukewarm and a little drops of liquid dish washing soap or antiseptic detergent using sponge or a soft rag.
  • Wipe out the surface of the countertop carefully with clean water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth.
  • If you drop something on your countertops, blemish with a paper or rag at once. Don’t wipe off the specific area. Because, it can widen the dirt.
  • Wash the dirt by using mild detergent and warm water and sponge down thoroughly. Then dried out the portion with soft duster. Accurately sealed granite will resist nearly all marks if the stains are cleaned swiftly.
  • If you neglect cleansing your granite countertop regularly, it might bring for you greater trouble to apply a strong mineral and remover for eliminating the stains of oil, and other stubborn marks. It might tarnish your countertops.
  • Above all, it is very important to practice the directions of the manufactures very minutely.

How do you remove the stains of Black Granite?

If you see that the stain is not removing easily, and   remains still after trying the above instructions, then you may try a POULTICE. Granite or marble poultice is an excellent non-acidic, absorptive dirt cleaning dust that take away deep-set lubricant, dirt stains etc. Which make stun from both unpolished and polished normal granite. The poultice can be the cause of dullness of polished marble. If it occurs, you may polish your marble or granite to regain its shine.

 Sealing enhances the resistant power

Sealing is essential for black granite. Because it gives your granite more resistant power. It lasts for 10 to 15 years and your granite will be resistant against oil and water based dirt.

             The Words of Cautions

  • Never cut the vegetables, meats etc. without cutting board
  • Use coaster to put hot pans.
  • Never stand up on the countertops.

A proverb goes: If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.



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