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Blue Granite

Granite is an igneous rock which is often used as building material. There are different colors of granite. The Blue Granite is one of the rare granites. The rarity has made it very expensive.

Though the name of the granite signifies a blue shade, but in reality, the blue granite is more metallic or silvery than perfect blue. Like any usual stone, this granite is also differs in shade from piece to piece, even within a single piece.

Blue Granite

If you want to decorate your kitchen with this beautiful piece of granite, you need to follow some important points:

  The decorating ideas for your kitchen with Blue Granite

Select a cupboard color that go with the blue granite. It is particularly important if the cupboard is near to the granite. The lighter shades oppose the silver sparkle in the granite, while the dark colors offer a contrasting appearance to the room.

Colors of the cabinets

If you like to have a calm look, then paint your cabinets with a wooden color. The combination of the light shade of Blue Granite and the wooden shade will give your room a fresh and pleasant look. Or, you may give the cabinet a coating of dark blue shade, which will keep balance with the natural blue of the granite.

Pieces of equipment

If the floor and the cabinets of your kitchen are made of Blue Granite, then the stainless steel appliances may be the right choice. It will offer a neutral touch to your kitchen. Because, the stainless steel lighten the colors of the granite and give a broader look to your kitchen. The color is also the contrast of the deeper blue granite.

Blue granite Kitchen 2

Colors of wall and floor

The color of the Blue Granite is neutral. So, it is better to use any light blue shade or off-white or cream matching with the shade of wall. The shade can also be used as the color of flooring.


The Blue Granite countertops enhances overall ambience of your kitchen. So, use simple accessories to catch an attractive look of the granite without removing away from your granite countertops.

Even a single piece of dark ceramic objects acts as an ornamental piece and an enclosure for things in your kitchen.

You may use a large mantelpiece in the kitchen and put on the blue ceramic objects on it. These blue ceramic objects will harmonize the blue colors of your Blue Granite countertops.

Blue Granite Kitchen

Cleaning of the Blue of Granite Countertops

  • The Blue Granite is one of the precious granites, particularly the darker blue collections. So, it is essential take care regularly and keeps on the routine maintenance to protect your granite countertops. Therefore, you may apply the following methods.
  • At first, spray the stone cleaner on your blue granite countertops. Then wash off the granite surface with a clean, soft and dry rag.
  • Then again, take a little warm water and 2 or 3 drops of mild liquid dish washing soap and dip down a sponge in it. Then, wipe away the Blue Granite façade by using the dampen sponge.
  • After that, dry out the blue granite countertops with a clean soft cloth.

Give the Blue Granite countertops tender care; it will give you back a soothing atmosphere in your kitchen room where you can enjoy each others’ company.

You’ll feel that “in this heartless world, your kitchen is like a haven where you can interact very closely with your near and dear ones.”







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