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Blue Pearl Granite

Granite is one of the most familiar materials for kitchen countertops. It is very strong and it can resist the scratches. It has a vast collection of different shades and colors. So, you may pick up the appropriate shade for your home décor.

Usually blue granite is the rarest one. Therefore, the blue granites are the most expensive granites. In this regard, the silvery blue stone which is also known as Blue Pearl Granite is a reasonably priced option in this family of colors. It is one of the rarest granites.


blue pearl granite 2 blue pearl granite

Making the Blue Pearl Granite into Light Blue Granite

Granite is very easy to care for. You may wipe away occasionally the granite surface with a moist soft cloth. If you have a Blue Pearl Granite countertop, you may turn it into a deep blue-grey countertop which is bold and dramatic. If you would have a preference to some extent more soothing, you can always make a coating of a lighter color on your granite surface.

  • At first, take a little warm water in a pot. Dip a sponge in the warm water and squeeze it out. Wipe off the countertop thoroughly to remove the grease and stains. If there is deep stain, then you can use a few drops of mild liquid dishwashing soap with hot water.
  • Stroke lightly on the surface of the granite applying paper towels and let them dry fully into the air. After that it needs polishing the surface with the help of electric sander by means of 100,220 and 360-grit sand paper successively. Cover up the total surface area of the counters. Sanding will help open the stone to accept the paint.
  • Remove all the dust which has occurred due to sanding. In this you may use handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Now, cover up the backsplash area with newspaper or a piece of cloth and tie-up these covers with adhesive tape in place. Paint your Blue Pearl Granite countertops by spraying with light blue paint which is considered for stone.  Spraying of paint from side to side over the stone create a smooth exposure. Set it aside overnight to dry it up and in the next morning apply the second coating.
  • Apply a stone sealer by a paint roller to seal the paint. The seal will prevent the paint to be peeling off and give your Blue Pearl Granite countertops a glossy, refined look. Let the sealer to dry for at least twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Making Blue Pearl Granite to look bluer in the light

But if you want to make the Blue Pearl Granite bluer in the light you may tag along the following directions.

  • Purchase an adequate amount of granite color developer to coat your Blue Pearl Granite. The granite color improves the seal of unpolished granite facades.If you apply the stone color developer once it will offer your granite a darker appearance. Use the stone color developer  products as per the directions on the container.
  • Set up cool lighting above the granite facades. The cool lights are available in various kinds of bulbs, like fluorescent, CFL (compact fluorescent light) and LED.  Ensure that the bulbs should be rated higher than 3,500 Kelvin. The more the rating of Kelvin, the bluer color will be developed.
  • You may install any kind of color light bulbs above the Blue Pearl Granite surface. You can use blue lights also.

The whole ambiance of the room will get a soft look of blue color that turn your senses relaxed.



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