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How to buy Best Granite Slabs

How to buy suitable Granite for your Use

Hard and durable in nature, Granite belongs to natural category of stone. It is beautiful, and has versatile uses. It can be used as a surface for the counter in rooms. For the use in kitchen and bathroom, the granite is unique.

 There are a lot of companies that advertise and manufacture granite.  There are factually different types of shapes, colors, and variations are available. Are you thinking of buying granite? Then, it is imperative to know how to buy granite.

Never forget to consider the following important points before you make final a commitment to buy granite slab.

Point One:

Your space is very personal to you. So, it requires finding out the granite that best match for your definite space. For the granite varieties you should visit the granite showroom stocked with huge number of assorted granites. Buy the one out of the endless variety of pattern, styles, and colors that suits you best.

Point Two:

Ask the Showroom owner for the samples of granite of every type of color and sizes. Then set the samples in the room to judge whether they look good in the room. Match up to and decide the samples in relation to the shapes, colors and sizes of the room.

Point Three:

After you determine the best samples, test the samples to be ensured about the quality of the granite. You can do this in the following way:

  • Test the porosity of granite with several drops of water on it and leave it for about 15 minutes. If there is any residue remains after wiping with fresh paper wiper, the granite proved to be is highly porous. This type of granite should not be selected for buying for low water absorption level.

  •  Test the resistance power of the granite with a lemon pack on the sample during the night. After taking away the lemon pack, if the natural polish of the granite is reduced or patches become visible, then this granite sample is sure to wear out very early.

 Point Four:

Get a rough estimate from the manufactures you met. Let the fabricators come to your home to take the dimensions and discuss alternatives with them.

  • Select the best edge for you out a number of aesthetically pleasant edges of the granite. The fabricator will assess the edges they can supply.
  • Talk about if you will buy,
    • A top mount,
    • An under mount, or
    • Seamed-in sink,
    • A faucet type
  • All of these will decide the cost of production of the granite.  

Point Six:

Visit a number of possible manufacturers’ granite-yard to observe their granite slabs. It’ll enable you to review the varieties and qualities available. After the review determine and estimates which manufacturer has best met your requirements.

Set up your decision keeping in view the quality and price of the granite, along with the work quality and recommendations. Now, select and confirm the choice of your fabricator.

Following of the above points will make you wise to buy granite slab of your choice for your sweet home. Turn you home more pleasing and charming to greet good energy.


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