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Cleaning of Granite with Hydrogen Peroxide

Granite is a normal stone, which is used to make floors, countertops, sinks, and many items in both interior and exterior purposes. Because of the qualities of durability and scratch resistant, it is a very popular choice for all the architects of the building.

But, like all other materials granites are also prone to dirt, dust and stain development. There are different kinds of commercial granite cleaners, available in the market. However, hydrogen peroxide to clean granite facades is most reliable.


What is Hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is the mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. The chemical description of Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. It can be poisonous and unstable. It is used as antiseptic and disinfectant. It is a clear liquid solution and is slight thicker than water. Hydrogen peroxide seems colorless in dilute form.

Hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide removes and cleans stains from granite and does not leave any visible remain. Take hydrogen peroxide on a white, clean rag. And then wash out your granite surface for cleaning. You can purchase Hydrogen peroxide hardware shop, home improvement stores and pharmacies. Buy the cleaner that are 12% concentrated and apply it daily for removing stains and remains. It will give a clean and dazzling clean granite facades.

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How to make the cleaning mixture

The preparation of the mixture is passed through a definite process. Take a cup of flour, half cup of hydrogen peroxide and two or three tablespoons of cold water in a bowl and mix it well to make a paste. Now, spread the paste on the deep stains. Let the paste sit up on the stains for twelve hours and then softly rub down the paste or wipe away the paste with dampen cloth or soft-bristle brush.

Remove natural stains with Hydrogen peroxide cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide also takes away the natural stains like tea, coffee, fruits and other natural stains from granite facades. Mix two drops of ammonia with hydrogen peroxide to clean the natural stains. Don’t worry, this mixture is totally safe for using over granite façade and it works quickly to clean granite. Remember, use nose mask and rubber gloves when you are using the mixture. Otherwise, it can harm your hands and health.

Take away other stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works well for removing ink, tobacco, wine, marker and urine stains from the granite facades. Take this chemical on a white, clean rag and scrub the stains softly to clean granite surface.


Clean bathroom shower with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide that is natural low cost cleaner is useful for cleaning the bathroom shower also. So, this chemical is also used widely as bathroom cleaner. Pursue the following instructions:

  • Open up the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour it into a plastic spray bottle.
  • Adjust the spray bottle and then spray hydrogen peroxide to the total shower surface. Wait for ten minutes.
  • Now take a sponge and wet it with water. Then scrub the total shower surface with it.


Hydrogen peroxide is an anti-bacterial and anti fungal compound. So it is ideal to clean granite surface as well as shower surface.



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