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Colonial Cream Granite

India is the country of origin of Colonial Cream Granite. It is also known as Colonial Gold Granite. It is quarried from the mine in Pottal, in India. It has nice colors which combine wrinkle-free with various assuming, and ornamental inner colors. It has a stylish and clean appearance.

Description of Colonial Cream Granite

Colonial Cream Granite is formed in the fiery kernel of the earth millions of years ago. The background shade of this granite is light. But, the golden tones are visible on the surface of the granite due to other minerals and iron oxide.

It is famous all over the world for its authentic beauty. It has variations of ivory, gold and dark veins. These qualities catch the eyes of the people and inspire them for using it in the interior decoration of the houses.



Usages of Colonial Cream Granite

This type of granite is used widely for flooring and wall-cladding. It is a most popular choice for making countertops, and bathroom tiles also. The kitchen, room achieves a different look when fitted with this elegant granite. The soothing color of this granite brings a calm atmosphere at home.

The comforting colors of Colonial Cream Granite bring a neat and clean look in your bathroom.

In the offices also, this species of granite is used to make worktops, floor, and walls that adds a constructive and aristocrat ambiance.

The Qualities of Colonial Cream Granite

The granite is very popular because of its qualities.  The most significant of them are:

  • Durability
  • Soothing colors
  • Easy handling
  • Available in different patterns

colonial 2

How to take care of this granite

Tartaric consistence like tomato sauce, lemon juice, fruit juice, wine, coffee and also cooking oil make stain on the surface of the granite countertops in your kitchen. Wipe off the dirt as soon as possible. This is not much; make it a habit to clean it in regular interval. You may use warm water with a soft rag or sponge to clean it swiftly. Mild liquid dish wash can be used now and then to keep off the dullness of the countertops.

When the granite loses its glaze, you may polish it with a mixture of edible soda and water.

Weight also can damage your granite. So, do not put weight on the border or adjoin of the granite and you should be always careful about it.

Sealing is necessary to keep Colonial Cream Granite in good condition. You must go on with the work of sealing once in a year.


Demand of Colonial Cream Granite

Colonial Cream Granites are always available. So, you may use it both in residential and commercial areas. It will add magnificence and glamour to your living space. You might have seen this granite at different offices, hotels, casinos, bars, restaurants, spas, airports, shopping malls, health centers etc. Everywhere the granites well liked by the people.

This beautiful granite is famous all over the world. It is acceptable to the architects for its different kinds of finishes. So, Colonial Cream Granite has a great demand to Ukraine, Austria, Germany, USA, Bolivia etc.




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