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Colonial gold granite

                Colonial gold granite

Today, granite is an accepted choice for bathroom vanity tops, kitchen countertops. Even it is widely used for wall cladding and flooring also. There are lots of colors to pick up and there are thousands of shades obtainable throughout the globe. Granite is long-lasting and graceful in any kitchen and bathroom.

The variety of colors has made granite as a well-known material for kitchen countertops. It does not matter what shade have you used for your kitchen, because there are lots of colors of which go well with the shade of your kitchen color. And Colonial gold is the most popular kitchen countertops choices to the homeowners.

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Colonial gold granite is mined in India. The other names of this granite are Colonial Dream and at times also referred as new Indian Kashmir Gold.  The backdrop color of this granite is dark yellow and there are golden or brown spots over it. There are also slight white patches on the face of this granite.

This particular granite is available in flamed, polished and honed finish.

  Best uses of Colonial gold granite

There are extensive uses of Colonial gold granite in both interior and exterior purposes. Such as:

  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Floor Designing
  • Cladding
  • Wall Decoration
  • Garden Decoration
  • Vanity tops

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The pros and cons of granite countertops

Granite is one of the attractive materials for the countertops. Like all products, granite also has its pros and cons.

The positive sides of Colonial gold granite countertops

  • Exclusivity: Each and every slabs of granite is different. Because, Granite is a natural stone. And this is why granite turns your kitchen exclusive.
  • Heat Resistant: You may place hot pans on your granite countertops without any hesitation. Because it does not burn up your countertop.
  • Scratch Resistant: Granite countertops are scratch resistant. When other kitchen countertops like corian or laminate, scratches easily, the Colonial gold granite countertops resist it greatly.
  • Aesthetically pleasant: Granite is one of the most beautiful products to have.
  • Cost: Granite has decreased in price greatly. It is very comparable to corian and concrete countertops. It is most often cheaper than sile stone too. Granite is affordable to the common homeowners. Because, it is not necessary to pay out large amount for installing granite countertops. Granite is available all over the world. So, it is lower in cost than other countertops material.
  • Resale value: You can resale granite countertops. If you look at most ads of properties for sale, you will see that granite has a positive rate.
  • Shine: Polished Colonial gold granite offers gorgeousness which enhances your space.


The negative sides of Colonial gold granite countertops

  • Staining: Different kinds of stains can arise over the granite surface. But it is not a big issue.
  • Price: Though, the price of granites has decreased greatly, granite is still more costly than any other counter material.

Unlike other granite countertops, granite countertops have pros and cons. So, consider all of the positive and negative sides of installing the granite countertops. And if you pick up the Colonial gold granite take proper care for enhancing your kitchen space.














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